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A volunteer donates her time to play with play-doh with a girl patient.

When you support Children's Hospital Colorado, you're playing an active role in reimagining children's health through patient care, education, research and advocacy. We can’t achieve our goal of giving children a healthier future without your generosity.

Here, you make the difference

As one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals, we need your help to deliver the best care for kids. Your support allows us to provide world-class healthcare for more than 200,000 children in Colorado communities every year.

Read the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation annual report to learn about the impact our supporters make every day.

Your support fuels our ability to treat every child

Children’s Colorado is the only comprehensive, nonprofit pediatric hospital in a 500-mile radius. Every day, families across the state and beyond count on us for lifesaving, life-changing treatment.

Providing this treatment requires significant resources. Kids are different from adults in many ways, and they need care designed for kids, including advanced equipment and pediatric specialists.

We believe kids deserve the best care possible, so we help every child who needs us, regardless of how much their family can pay. We can only do this because of generous, dedicated supporters like you.

Your support makes care for the whole family possible

When a child is sick, parents and siblings hurt, too. Our unique pediatric programs and specialists help the entire family cope with treatment, medical challenges and hospital stays. Your support ensures that everyone gets the services they need to heal.

Your support helps us pioneer new ways to care for kids

We are among the world’s leaders in providing award-winning pediatric care, driven by pioneering research and innovation. These initiatives unlock new, better ways of caring for kids in Colorado and all over the world.

Making groundbreaking discoveries takes years of investment and commitment. This work is expensive, but the results — saving and improving children’s lives — are worth every penny. We couldn’t accomplish all of this without you by our side.

Your support connects you with a passionate community

Your support matters — just read our patient stories to see for yourself.

Many of us have our own story about how Children’s Colorado changed our child’s, grandchild’s or friend’s life. Some of us were even Children’s Colorado patients ourselves. We care about our mission — and about each other — and we want to make your experience here meaningful and rewarding too.

You can make an incredible difference — here’s how

Join our community of supporters with a vision for achieving big goals at Children’s Colorado. There are many ways you can make an extraordinary difference:

  • Make a financial donation: Your financial gifts empower us to heal patients, transform pediatric healthcare and one day, end childhood disease. Learn how to make a generous gift, become a monthly donor or join a crowdfunding project or support our caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Make an in-kind donation: Money isn’t the only way to give. Donating items makes a big impact. Learn which items we need and how to donate them.
  • Volunteer: You have many options for making a difference for kids and team members. We’ll help you find an opportunity that fits your skills, interests and schedule.
  • Give blood: Blood donations from our caring community enable us to perform thousands of lifesaving procedures every year. Learn about our Blood Donor Center and what to expect when donating blood.
  • Organize a blood drive: Individuals and organizations can sponsor a blood drive as a community service initiative or in honor of a loved one. Learn how.
  • Participate in a fundraising event: Children’s Colorado’s fundraising events bring our community together and build momentum to create a healthier future for kids. We invite you to join us for these memorable, impactful events.
  • Visit our La Cache consignment shop: Our shop is the perfect spot for bargain hunters. You can make an impact by shopping, volunteering in the store or donating clothing and household items.
  • Advocate for kids: Advocacy means to speak up, to plead the case of another or to champion a cause. It’s something most of us do routinely on behalf of our families, our neighbors, our friends and ourselves. We need your help to speak up for kids in Colorado. Our advocacy efforts rely on the strength and action of our Child Health Champions. Champions write emails, make phone calls and share information to influence public policies that impact kids at the local, state and national level. Sign up or take action today.
  • Donate restaurant meals to front-line caregivers: If you’re a restaurant manager hoping to donate food, thank you! We’re coordinating food donations across locations to support hardworking team members. To get started, please email or call 720-777-8844 with your name and restaurant, where you’d like to donate and quantity of individual meals. (Please note: We cannot accept buffet-style food for health and safety reasons.)