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Colorado’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

A school-aged girl embraces her mother at home.

What we're seeing

How we're taking action

Children’s Hospital Colorado is taking the lead to address the youth mental health crisis in our state. And we’re just getting started. Here are several ways we're taking action to improve the mental health system and save lives.

Responding to kids in need

In May 2021, we declared a youth mental health “state of emergency” and held a media town hall to sound the alarm.

Blazing a trail for kids

Children’s Colorado appointed Ron-Li Liaw, MD, as our inaugural Mental Health-in-Chief, the first known position of its kind at a children's hospital.

Fighting for kids everywhere

Our leaders joined the Children's Hospital Association and more than 200 children's hospitals across the nation in urging Congress to enact legislation and increase funding to address a nationwide mental health emergency in children and teens.

Advocating for improved care — and prevention

With our partners, we advocated for nearly $150 million in state funding to directly support children and youth mental health by investing in schools, primary care and the community, so children get the help they need before they experience a crisis.

"I think we forget that one person can help another. It’s small, little things: How can you, individually, help make a difference?"
Luthien, Patient Ambassador

Ways to help with children's mental health

Of course, our work is far from over. Now, we need your help to address Colorado’s youth mental health crisis. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get involved and make a difference.

A teen hugs his mother

Invest in a better future for kids

Children can’t wait for a better mental health system. Help give our kids and teens the care they need, when they need it, by making a financial donation.

Give today

Learn about the impact of giving

Advocate for children’s mental health needs

Lawmakers and community leaders need to hear from you. We make it easy to speak up for kids' mental health needs through petitions, emails to lawmakers and more.

Ask Congress to prioritize youth mental health

Join our advocacy network

Help fund prevention and treatment

Do you want to raise money for youth mental health and connect with your community? Start a crowdfunding project or host a fundraiser with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Find ways to fundraise

Fun and funds

Would you like a fancy night out or a thrilling bike ride in the mountains that also benefits children’s mental health? We have you covered.

Find an event

A mom and her teenage son have a heart-to-heart while walking outdoors.

Share resources with your network

Children's Colorado is proud to share a new resource to help families and community members understand pediatric mental health conditions and improve mental wellness for our youth.

Browse family mental health resources

Spread the word: mental health is health

It's OK to not be OK. Watch and share this video to help us break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Youth mental health in the news

  • FOX21 Colorado Springs
    Colorado lawmakers discuss updating decades-old newborn screening bill
    April 19, 2018

    Each year, about 2,000 babies born in Colorado will fail an initial newborn hearing test. Allison Cunningham, a pediatric audiologist at Children’s Colorado, spoke with Fox 21 News about a much-needed update to the Newborn Screening Bill to include screening for hearing loss, which will help kids like four-year-old Johnny Mcleod.

  • Colorado Politics
    Pending legislation would ensure children can access mental-health treatment
    April 13, 2018

    Jena Hausmann, President and CEO for Children’s Colorado, advocates for the Children and Youth Mental Health Treatment Act, a bill that would strengthen the youth mental health system in Colorado for children with highly specialized mental health needs.

  • CBS4
    Clock ticks on bill to allow out-of-state nurses to practice in Colorado
    January 15, 2018

    Kelly Galloway, head of nursing for outpatient care and the pediatric call center at Children’s Colorado, speaks with CBS4 about the importance of renewing the interstate nursing compact to help address the nurse shortage in Colorado.