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How Healthcare Professionals can Help Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)

Child abuse is preventable and you can reduce its incidence by encouraging parents to be aware and plan ahead.

Here are some resources to share with parents and caregivers:

  • Make a plan with parents to cope with the challenge of a crying baby.
  • Provide free brochures about SBS and how to prevent it.
  • Tell parents about the Babysitter Information Form for everyone who cares for their child.
  • For information about community events, parenting workshops or classes with Children's Hospital Colorado visit our calendar of events.
  • Encourage them to watch one of these educational videos on how to prevent shaken baby syndrome:

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As a healthcare provider, take the time to review information about crying and SBS with your families. Emphasize the key messages and help families make a plan for when they get frustrated with their babies crying. Do this before the peak period of crying starts! Help parents understand that shaking a baby can lead to serious injury or death. Teach them about shaken baby syndrome and how to prevent it.

Be supportive

Caring for a baby is hard work. Parents and caregivers need to be asked about how they are coping with the challenge of caring for a baby. Listening when someone needs to talk can help reduce stress and frustration, and it lets parents and caregivers know they are not alone.

Be a voice for kids

Help Children's Colorado advocate on behalf of children in the public policy arena. It's up to adults to help create safer and healthier communities for our kids. Child Health Champions is an easy way to stay connected to public policy decisions affecting children's health and well-being, and to take action when your voice is needed. And it only takes a few minutes of your time!

Report child abuse or neglect 

Call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-844-264-5437 (1-844-CO-4-Kids). The hotline is designed to provide one, easy-to-remember toll-free phone number for individuals to use statewide to report suspected child abuse and neglect. 

The hotline serves as a direct, immediate and efficient route to the counties which are responsible for accepting and responding to child abuse and neglect inquiries and reports. All hotline calls will be routed to the county where a child resides.