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Bullying Tips for Parents

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Dr. Natalie Abramson, pediatric psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado, shares tips for parents who want to prevent their kids from being bullied as well as preventing kids from becoming bullies:

  • Make sure your child knows he or she can talk to you about any issue whether significant or insignificant and that you will hear them out, listen and not necessarily talk back.
  • Create a network of relationships not only among the child’s peers, but also among their parents so that there are lines of communication between other parents within the peer group to keep tabs on what might be going on in that circle of friends.
  • Conduct regular communication with school personnel. Ask your child’s teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, etc. questions beyond academics to find out how your child is doing socially and emotionally at school and within their peer groups.

Is your child a bully?

Watch this video as Dr. Abramson provides parents with what signs to look for and how to address possible bullying with their kids.

What are the signs of bullying?

In this video, Dr. Abramson gives tips for parents about bullying including what to look for and how to deal with bullying.

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