Children's Hospital Colorado

Clinical and Translational Research Centers

About the Clinical and Translational Research Centers (CTRC)

The CTRC provides infrastructure, resources and dedicated space to conduct clinical research. Available resources include research nursing, nutrition, informatics, statistics, regulatory and compliance support, and core laboratory services. All services are provided as fee-for-service resources. Only IRB-approved protocols can request CTRC services.

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CTRC resources

  • Blood draws including those for pharmacokinetic (PK) studies
  • Whole room calorimetry and dedicated facilities for sleep studies
  • Infusion and medication administration
  • Measurement of insulin sensitivity via OGTT, IVGTT, MTT, and hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp
  • Nursing and advanced practice assistance for research procedures such as biopsies and bronchoscopies
  • Body composition measurement via DEXA, BOD POD, and PEA POD
  • Collection of fetal and maternal biological samples including cord blood
  • Lab tests for metabolites, hormones, cytokines, flow cytometry, etc.
  • Cardiovascular imaging (Echo services)
  • Provision of standardized meals for intervention and energy balance studies
  • Measurement of dietary intake and energy expenditure
  • Access to statistical support
  • Access to software for data management and confidential questionnaires administration
  • Assistance with ethical protocol design and research participant advocacy

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