Children's Hospital Colorado

What to Expect When Donating Blood at Children's Hospital Colorado

A healthcare professional works in the Blood Donor Center at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Donation Process

Before donating blood, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy meal at least four hours before donating. When you check in at Children's Hospital Colorado Blood Donor Center, you will be asked a series of confidential health question.

Your blood pressure, temperature, hemoglobin and weight will be checked. The actual donation only takes about 8 to 10 minutes. Only sterile, disposable needles and equipment are used.

After Donating

After donating we recommend you relax for a few minutes, enjoy a light snack and drink extra fluids for the following 48 hours. Avoid hazardous activity the day of donation such as heavy lifting or climbing ladders. Eat a well-balanced meal with iron-rich foods such as iron-fortified breads and cereals, spinach, peas, dates, raisins, nuts and juices.

Blood Testing

To ensure a safe blood supply, the Blood Donor Center tests every unit of blood collected. Each time you donate, your blood is tested for blood type, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and other infectious diseases.

Contact Info

Blood Donor Center
Phone: 720-777-5398
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