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Keeping Marijuana Safely at Home

Cabinet handles with child proof lock

If you use medical or recreational marijuana, it’s important to store it safely away from children. Just like any other drug, medication or household chemical, marijuana and edibles must be kept secure and out of reach. Keep it in the original child-resistant packaging and in locked containers or cabinets.

The dangers of weed edibles and kids

With the popularity (and legality) of marijuana edibles in Colorado, it’s become more common for kids to accidentally consume marijuana. Edibles are foods (usually baked goods or candy) that contain marijuana. They often look exactly like regular cookies, brownies, chocolate or gummies.

If you keep marijuana edibles in your home, find a secure place to keep them. You can store them in a high cabinet that’s out of sight and out of reach to small children. You could even consider storing your edibles (or regular marijuana) in a locked box designed to keep medications safe.

Signs that your child may have accidentally eaten a marijuana edible include drowsiness, balance issues and sudden abnormal behavior. Learn more about marijuana intoxication.

Talking to your kids — and other parents — about marijuana in the home

When teaching your children about medications, include marijuana in the conversation. Young children need to learn that parents are the only ones who should access medications. Children should know what they are and what they look like, but not be able to get them by themselves. Learn more about talking to kids about marijuana.

Before your child goes to a friend’s house, ask the other parents whether they keep marijuana in their home. If they do, be sure they store the drug safely. This is a difficult, but important conversation. You should discuss it in the same way you talk about other safety measures for your kids — such as whether they have guns in the home, food allergies and seat belts.

Guests in your home also need to know — and follow — your safety rules. Be sure that visitors understand how to safely store marijuana out of your kids’ reach.

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