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Parent Toolkit: Strategies for Maximizing your Child's Health

A mom and dad hold a young boy's hands while they walk.

A toolkit for parents of children who are chronically ill

Having a child diagnosed with a chronic illness alters every aspect of a family’s life. Besides the procedures and medical appointments, the paperwork, the uncertainty, the disruption to work and school, there’s also the fact that your child is sick. That’s a hard thing to accept. Caring for a chronically ill child can feel stressful and time-consuming, and parenting decisions that used to be easy can suddenly feel very hard.

We at Children’s Hospital Colorado can help. Think of this “toolkit” as a guide or a reference for coping with the stresses of chronic illness, from navigating the medical system to juggling medical needs and school to managing daily routines. These pages also include many resources for finding extra help — online, in the community, and here at Children’s Colorado.

What is included in this toolkit?

Here you will find the following resources to help maximize your child’s health:

Family Resource Assistance

Our Family Resource Liaisons are master’s level clinicians who are available to help individuals and families navigate the mental healthcare system by providing contact information for mental health resources in your community.

Family Resource Liaisons are available by phone at 720-777-4978, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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