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About the Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic

If your child is facing a complicated medical issue or has unexplained symptoms and no clear diagnosis, we’re here to help. Our pediatric specialists complete a thorough review of your child’s health and care history and then recommend next steps that can provide your whole family some relief and clarity.

Since it can be very hard not to know exactly what your child’s medical issue is, we provide psychological support for your entire family during this process.

We aim to give your family a roadmap for care. We also work closely with your child’s primary care doctor to make sure everyone is on the same page and your child has the best ongoing care and quality of life.

Why choose us for complex diagnostic care

As the only clinic of our kind in the Rocky Mountain region, Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic is the best choice for families who are struggling to find a diagnosis and treatment options for their child. We’ve helped numerous families searching for answers get a clearer picture of their child’s health and the best treatment plan.

As one of the best children’s hospitals in the country, Children’s Colorado has nationally recognized specialists in every field. Their experience allows us to provide the best care for almost every medical issue affecting children.

The doctors and nurses in the Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic specialize in solving complex medical problems. They take the time to thoroughly examine your child’s symptoms, consider all options and find the best path forward for your family. We understand how hard it can be to not have answers to your medical questions. Our program includes mental health support for your whole family from providers who specialize in complex medical cases.

ONLY Clinic of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region

Who we treat at the Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic

We care for any child up to age 18 who has symptoms that affect quality of life, but no clear diagnosis. If your child has seen multiple specialists for confusing symptoms or a complex medical condition and you still don’t have a defined treatment plan, we can help.

We welcome any family who hasn’t found answers from other providers. Some of the common issues we see include:

  • Unexplained pain
  • Joint issues without a clear cause
  • Lightheadedness or weakness
  • Confusing neurologic symptoms

Depending on your child’s symptoms, we might refer you directly to a specific specialist.

What to expect from care at the Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic

The first step to getting care at our Clinic is to ask for a referral from your child’s primary care doctor. Throughout your time with us, we work closely with your child’s primary care doctor to create the best treatment plan.

After we receive the referral, we typically follow these steps:

  • Our doctors will talk with your child’s doctor about your child’s health history and information.
  • Our pediatric nurse will reach out to you for a thorough intake phone call. These calls can sometimes take an hour or two.
  • If we decide your child could benefit from an evaluation, we’ll schedule a comprehensive in-person or telehealth visit.
  • We’ll discuss what’s working well for your child, what’s not, and which specialists or treatments you should seek next. We also discuss this information with your child’s doctor.
  • If necessary, we may schedule a consultation with our doctors and a select group of specialists with experience in caring for your child’s symptoms.
  • We may also schedule follow-up appointments at our clinic, but our goal is that your care continues with your primary care doctor or the specialists who are best suited to care for your child.

Contact the Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic

For questions about our clinic or to refer a patient, please call 720-777-9136.

Our clinic is located on Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.