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Rehabilitation Summer Camps

Children's Hospital Colorado offers summer camp programs that are designed to meet the needs of children who would find inclusion in a mainstream or "regular" camp program unsuccessful, if not impossible. Below is a listing of our 2017 camp offerings, please contact for more information or to receive a camp applications.

Scholarship assistance may be available, so please don’t let camp costs deter your child from participating.

Camp Little Tree

2017 dates and costs:

  • Session 1: June 12-16, 2017 (11-12 years of age) 
  • Session 2: Aug. 4-6, 2017 (8-10 years of age; first time campers)
  • Cost to families: $950. Additional scholarship funding and financial assistance may be available. 

Little Tree is a special camp for children 8 to 12 years of age with sensory integration (SI) impairments, as well as learning and/or attention deficits. Children who experience sensory integration dysfunction (SID) have many challenges that are hidden. Outwardly they may appear like other children, but their behavior issues set them apart. The 5-day overnight program is designed to meet the unique needs of these children. Specially trained occupational therapists from Children's Hospital Colorado use occupational therapy (OT) and SI principles to make this camp experience positive and motivating for Little Tree campers.

Complete the Camp Little Tree Application to apply.


2017 dates and costs:

  • Session 1: June 18-20, 2017
  • Session 2: July 14-16, 2017
  • Cost to families: $575. Additional scholarship funding and financial assistance may be available.

CamPossible is for kids with cerebral palsy (CP) ages 8-12. The 3-day camp is designed to meet the unique needs of these children. This camp will adapt activities to foster success and a sense of achievement while camping with peers in a mountain setting.

The camp will focus on promoting independence, confidence, social skills and self-esteem. Children will live, work, and play in a "family" group of 6-8 campers, 2-3 outdoor educators from Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, and 2 specialized therapists (occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech therapist) from Children's Hospital Colorado. Campers will assist in cooking and cabin clean-up along with peers and adults. Children will participate in a variety of activities like climbing, canoeing, ropes courses and outdoor education. Other activities include crafts and group games. Involvement in these programs promotes motor skills, coordination, problem solving and self-confidence.

Complete the CamPossible Application to apply.

Camp Zenith

2017 dates and costs:

  • Camp Zenith: July 16-20, 2017
  • Cost to families: $950. Additional scholarship funding and financial assistance may be available

Camp Zenith is a 5-day overnight camp for children ages 8-18 years who have sustained traumatic brain injuries at some point in their development. The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center has proven to be an amazing place to hold this camp—both due to the beautiful resources and scenery, as well as a staff who comes prepared to work with children who have additional needs to have a successful week at camp.

Complete the Camp Zenith Application to apply.

The BOEC staff organized the camp structure with support from an Occupational and Physical Therapist to provide the needed structure and stability for the population of children we worked with. BOEC staff play a role in planning the menu, setting up gear and equipment, facilitating the ropes course, canoeing, hiking, climbing, cycling and all activities while the participants are at camp.

The Occupational and Physical Therapists from Children’s Hospital Colorado supported all the above activities by participating with children, providing needed support such as picture schedules, facilitating teaching for children with hemiparesis or motor planning deficits, or behavioral modification as needed to support each child’s individual needs.

As in the prior years, Camp Zenith has become an opportunity for many children with brain injuries to try new things in a safe environment, meet new friends and excel at activities they would not otherwise be exposed to secondary to their physical, cognitive, or social demands. Overall, camp is a FUN experience and a week children and staff look forward to each year.

During the day, kids participate in rock climbing, canoeing/kayaking on Lake Dillon, the high ropes course, crafts (tie dye, homemade “pop rockets”). In the evenings, they participate in activities such as listening to the Breckenridge Orchestra, movie nights, playing group games, and a modified campfire.

We strive to provide enough activity to engage the children all day long, while also supporting their need for quiet time or naps depending on each child’s need. An example of the daily schedule (which is posted for each child) is below.

Quotes from families and staff:

“Camp was such a great experience for Caitlyn. She could not stop talking about all of the activities she had done while at camp! She felt so proud of herself for accomplishing some many new things. Thank you for this camp, we will definitely be back new year."
-Sara Kerlee, mother of camper Caitlyn, age 15 yrs

“My favorite activity of the week was when I was able to cross the lake in the kayak by myself! I had never even tried it before and I was able to steer the boat without any help!”
-Robert Chamberlian, camper, age 15 yrs

“Camp Zenith is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I LOVE watching these kids try new things. Watching a child’s face when she reaches the top of a climbing wall she never thought she could reach is a brilliant moment—both for the other kids, the staff supporting them, and the child himself. I have seen this camp build self-confidence in motor skills, social skills, and the willingness to try new things.”
-Amanda Chestnut, MS, OTR, Occupational Therapist