Children's Hospital Colorado

COVID-19 and the Pediatric Healthcare Landscape (S4:E8)

As the United States enters the eighth month of the pandemic surrounded by a backdrop of payer pressures, demands for virtual care and societal unrest, our healthcare system is challenged daily to navigate uncharted territory. Challenges range from rapid scaling of COVID-19 testing and safety operations to securing PPE from disrupted supply chains and trying to assure patient families that it is safe to continue to come to clinics and hospitals for care.

COVID-19 has forever changed our pediatric healthcare landscape. And as COVID-19 cases are surging across the U.S. and parts of Europe, we know too well that the end of the pandemic is not readily in sight.

Listen to experts discuss the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare

In this episode, we will discuss the pediatric healthcare landscape, the forecasted pandemic recovery and considerations for primary care providers.

Chief Strategy Officer Raphe Schwartz from Children's Hospital Colorado and Karyl Kopaskie, PhD, Associate Principal and Madeleine McDowell, MD, Principal and Medical Director from Sg2 Healthcare Intelligence services join us for this discussion.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • Some of the most acute impacts of the pandemic on our nation’s children’s hospitals
  • How the impact of the pandemic on healthcare differs between primary care providers and children’s hospitals
  • Whether vaccination rates will catch up to the levels we had prior to the pandemic
  • Forecasts for the ongoing impact to pediatric emergency medicine volumes
  • What primary care business leaders should be considering during the pandemic
  • How the pandemic has changed the nature of children’s hospitals and the primary care provider relationship
  • Consolidation in the marketplace
  • The number of patients with higher acuity conditions presenting to the ED or inpatient setting due to delayed care
  • The role of virtual care in pediatrics in the future
  • Future payment changes for virtual health and the impact that might have on medicine
  • How the new presidency will impact the healthcare landscape, especially in pediatrics and primary care pediatrics
  • The path forward for value-based care in this new environment