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Expectant Mothers and COVID-19

Over the last few years, the coronavirus pandemic has raised concerns for expectant mothers and their babies, ranging from concerns over fertility, breastfeeding, vaccine safety and the risk of COVID infection. Recent reports show that pregnant women have a higher risk of getting severely ill from respiratory viruses like COVID-19.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss COVID risks and implications on pregnant mothers

In this episode, Anna Euser, MD, joins us to unpack the risks and implications that COVID may have on pregnant women and what primary care providers can do to quell fears, dispel rumors and foster optimal care in medical home settings.

Dr. Euser works for the CU Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and is assistant professor at the Colorado School of Medicine.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • How pregnant mothers have been affected by COVID-19 differently
  • How the vaccine-related infertility rumor may have started
  • Optimal timing for getting vaccinated during pregnancy
  • Preterm birth as a treatment strategy for critically ill patients
  • Antiviral recommendations and access to medications
  • Studies on vertical transmission of the coronavirus in utero
  • Recommendations for breastfeeding with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis

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