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Advocating for Health Successes: Filling Gaps with Patient-Family Engagement

Children and their families need a healthcare system that serves them wholeheartedly. Having their unique needs prioritized creates an important opportunity for lifelong health and wellbeing. However, the current health system in our country has massive gaps to fill, especially as it pertains to children of color. The medical community is focusing on preventative measures and connections between children, families, communities and the systems they interact with regularly. While large efforts are being made across the child healthcare field, there is strong agreement that child health transformation, with a focus on family-centered pediatric care, needs to be accelerated. 

Listen to our pediatric expert discuss patient-family engagement

In this episode, Hala Durrah, a patient-family engagement consultant and advocate, joins us to discuss her work in patient- and family-centered care and how her work was shaped by her experiences as a mother of a child who has undergone two liver transplants and a bone marrow transplant. 

In this episode, our expert discusses 

  • How providers and practices can partake in this work 
  • Challenges and barriers to implementation 
  • The importance of acknowledging patient-family engagement to best care for kids 
  • Experience navigating the healthcare system 
  • What gaps exist and how this method helps to fill them 

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