Children's Hospital Colorado

Transitioning Kids from Pediatric to Adult Care (S5:E24)

The transition from adolescent to adult care can often be challenging for patients, families and providers. This time of adjustment can be overwhelming and difficult, especially for patients with congenital health conditions. Moving from a parent-supervised visit to an independent patient model takes time and planning.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss how pediatricians can provide support during the transition of care.

In this episode, Daniel Wood, MD, joins us to discuss how primary care providers can play a pivotal role in the transition of care.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • Key components of the transition of care
  • What age is appropriate to start having conversations about transitioning
  • The importance of an individualized approach for preparing children for the transition
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges as children move to adulthood
  • Multidisciplinary support and collaboration for the transition of care planning
  • How pediatricians can help support families and patients during the transition