Children's Hospital Colorado

Preventing Childhood Injuries

A man stands at the door of a minivan where a toddler is sitting in a car seat.

Why safety matters

Most parents are surprised to learn that preventable injuries are the leading cause of death and hospitalizations for kids in Colorado. If this week ends up being a typical week in Colorado, 1,152 children ages birth to 14 years old will sustain an injury serious enough to require care in the Emergency Department. Twenty-seven will be hospitalized. Tragically, one will die.

The important thing to remember about preventable injuries is that they’re preventable. They are not accidents. We can do things to stop them, things to make sure kids get the chance to be creative and play – the chance to fall down, and get back up.

Children's Hospital Colorado leads a variety of community-based approaches designed to keep our most vulnerable kids injury-free. Every effort is designed to allow your kid, and every Colorado kid, the chance to grow up, reach their potential and become whatever they can imagine.

Let's keep kids safe together

Learn what we're doing to help prevent injuries and what you can do at home and in the community to help keep kids safe.