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Family Advisory Council at Children's Hospital Colorado

The Family Advisory Council is a valuable family voice for Children's Hospital Colorado. We are here to promote and improve family-centered care at Children's Colorado.

Children's Colorado believes in an all-inclusive approach to caring for each patient. This means there's a genuine partnership between the healthcare provider, the patient, their family and the family's support system, based on mutual respect and effective communication.

What does the Family Advisory Council do?

The Family Advisory Council provides direct input on hospital initiatives, new policies and procedures as well as provides family representatives for ongoing and ad-hoc hospital committees. Members of the council are parents and hospital leadership and staff. We meet once a month at Children's Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

Our mission is to create mutually beneficial partnerships among patients, families, and healthcare providers, which promotes the best outcomes and enhances the quality and safety of healthcare delivery in a sensitive, compassionate and family-inclusive way.

As a way to encourage family engagement at Children's Colorado, we've started a campaign called "Did you ask a parent?" which is a powerful way of making sure that Children's Colorado initiatives will be successful for patients and families by the time of implementation.

What are the values of the Family Advisory Council?

The values that drive the mission are grounded in our recognition of and commitment to family members as the constant in a child's life.

  • Family members are the most important members of the child's health team.
  • Family members are most knowledgeable about their own child and family.
  • Family members and staff collaborate in sharing information and knowledge in order to support family members' decision-making and caring for their child.
  • Staff members' ability to provide high-quality, coordinated, family-centered services is strengthened by their relationships with families.

How we work

The Family Centered Care Council is the Steering Committee of the Family Advisory Council. The Steering Committee consists of parents and executive leadership of the hospital. They set vision, oversight and guidance for Family Centered Care and links the work of the Family Advisory Council to other organizational priorities and initiatives, as well as sets, approves, and monitors progress on long term goals.

The Family Advisory Council is a larger group comprised of families and hospital staff. This is the family partner group for the hospital. The Council responds and gives feedback from family perspective to hospital initiatives and put issues of concern to families on the hospital’s operational agenda. They are also responsible for training, orienting and mentoring of families who participate in hospital work. Members both play an advisory role on hospital initiatives and in family initiated projects.

Youth Advisory Council is a larger group comprised of patients 13-18 years of age and hospital staff. They operate similar to the Family Advisory Council, initiating work and providing feedback to the hospital.

Do you want to join us?

If you would like to join the Family Advisory Council or would like to learn more about how to work with the our team on a hospital initiative, please let us know.

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