Children's Hospital Colorado

Markus: There's No Running from Cancer

At the young age of 12, a bump on Markus’ knee revealed itself to be more than just a badge of boyhood. It was cancer. To save his life, Markus would have to lose his leg. But did he have to lose his ability to run? Through close collaboration, our pediatric oncology and orthopedic surgery teams came to an innovative solution that got Markus back on his feet and running straight toward a bright future.

March 2017
Markus was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.

May 2017
Markus began two rounds of chemotherapy, surrounded by our pediatric oncologists at the only ranked program in the region.

July 2017
To save Markus' life, our surgeons removed his leg at the knee using a procedure called the Van Ness rotationplasty.

January 2018
Markus finished chemotherapy and rang the Warrior Bell in a triumphant exit from our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

April 2018
Markus was fitted with a prosthetic leg and started working with a physical therapist, learning to walk without crutches.

June 2018
Markus completed the Climb for Courage. The race benefits the Children's Colorado Foundation and our pediatric hospital in Colorado Springs – Markus' hometown.