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Articles for Coaches

As a sports coach, you're often a resource for questions from your players and their parents. Athletes want to know how to get stronger, faster and better at their sport. Parents want to know how to keep their young athletes safe, happy and healthy on the field.

Fortunately, you're not in this alone; we have articles and advice from our sports medicine experts on everything from mentally preparing your team for competitions to preventing heat illness in young athletes. So whether you want to check out our athletic trainer’s articles on trending sports topics or look up the answers to specific sports questions, we've got resources just for you.

Game Day Mental Preparation Tips

It’s important for young athletes to not only physically prep for game day, but also to mentally prepare themselves. Here are ways to help.

Wrestling Season and Skin Diseases

Dealing with skin diseases can be a tricky. Learn what you can do to help a wrestler tell their athletic trainer, coach or parent that they may have one.

Preventing and Treating Heat Illness in Young Athletes

To ensure safety for young athletes during the summer sport season, follow these heat illness prevention guidelines.

Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes

Sudden cardiac death in young athletes is usually caused by an underlying condition. Find out what these conditions include.

Healthy Weight Training for Young Athletes

Find out what healthy weight training should look like for young athletes from our sports medicine experts.

The Female Athlete Triad

Nutrition imbalance can lead to a potentially dangerous set of symptoms known as the female athlete triad. Learn how to recognize it.

Emergency Action Plans for School Sports Coaches

Coaches, do you have an emergency action plan in place? Learn what Children's Colorado experts say you should do during an emergency.

First-Aid Kit 101: What All Coaches Need to Know

You need a first-aid kit to help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies while coaching. Learn what to include in your team's kit.