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Sports Safety Articles

From avoiding dehydration to protecting yourself against injury, we’ve got advice to keep you safe and healthy in every sport you play. Our sports medicine experts want kids to explore the world around them and keep them safe during their sports and outdoor adventures.

Check out the latest articles on sports safety from our sports medicine experts.

Weather Safety for Outdoor Sports

It’s important to know how weather can affect athletes. Whether that’s by avoiding extreme heat or knowing where to go during a thunderstorm, understanding the precautions can keep young athletes healthy and safe.

It’s All About a Plan: The Importance of Athletic Trainers During a Cardiac Emergency

Athletic trainers are important on and off the field, but especially crucial during an emergency. Find out more about how athletic trainers can make a difference during an athlete’s cardiac arrest.

Hyper Hydration in Young Athletes

While it’s important to keep hydrated, understanding the difference between quenching a thirst and over hydration can keep young athletes healthy and on the field.

Proper Youth Strength and Conditioning Preparation for Athletes

A solid understanding of good movement patterns and strength and conditioning techniques can help young athletes reduce their risk of injury. From easy skills drills to basic weightlifting tips, here’s how to start.

How Does Sleep Impact Athletic Performance?

Getting good sleep is crucial. Find tips from our athletic trainers and learn how rest can be as important as practice.

11 Stretches for Athletes

Stretching boosts muscle flexibility and range of motion, which not only amps your performance, it minimizes the chance of sports injury. Learn 11 stretching exercises.

Ankle Braces and Basketball: Should You Wear One While You Play?

Should your kids, be wearing ankle braces when they play basketball? Yes. Learn about the benefits of wearing ankle braces.

Cheerleading Safety Tips Can Help Reduce Injuries

Cheerleading is a very competitive sport. Learn how these new competitive dynamics have increased the risk for injury among athletes.

What is an Athletic Trainer?

Chances are, if you have participated in sports you have heard of an athletic trainer, or ATC, but what exactly is an athletic trainer? Find out here.

Let's Ballet Dance: When Should My Child Start Pointe Ballet?

The question shouldn’t be “at what age can my child start dancing on pointe?” but rather “is my child ready to begin ballet dancing on pointe?”

Is CrossFit Training Safe for Kids?

Find out what our sports medicine expert has to say about CrossFit Kids.

ACL Rehabilitation and Recovery

Every part of ACL rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction surgery is vital. It's important to commit to rehabilitation so kids can get back in the game.

Tooth Injuries in Sports... What Do I Do if I Lose One?

It is estimated that over 3 million teeth are knocked out every year. Find out what to do if this happens to your child.

Weight Training and Kids: When, Where and How Is It Safe to Start?

Weight training can be a big part of prepping for competition, but find out when it's safe to start.

Sports Dehydration Safety Tips

To keep kids in top shape for sports, it’s important for them to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Learn how to keep your athletes hydrated.

How to Overcome a Swimming Shoulder Injury Like Missy Franklin

Missy Franklin has four Olympic gold medals, but how does she overcome injury from training and competition?

A Little League Shoulder Can Bench Your Young Pitcher If Not Treated Completely

Young pitchers that are not fully grown can suffer from little league shoulder. Learn how to properly treat and prevent this injury.

Common Volleyball Injuries in Young Athletes

Find out what the most common injuries are in volleyball and how to prevent them from a sports medicine expert.

Gymnastic Safety Tips

Four ways to limit the risk of gymnastics injuries.

Football: What is an AC Joint Injury?

Learn about shoulder injuries, a common football injury in young athletes.

Young Hockey Players: Are They Safe on the Ice?

Wearing protective equipment is the best defense against injury. Find out if you're doing the right things to keep your hockey player safe.

Do Chest Protectors Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death?

Learn more about chest protectors in sports and how they can prevent sudden cardiac death, as well as why they may not always be the answer.

How to Identify and Avoid Cramps on the Football Field

Football cramps, or cramps in any sport, are very unpleasant. Learn how to identify and avoid this painful sensation on the field.

Stingers: A Common Injury in Football

Stingers take their name from the stinging pain they cause. Find out what they are and how to avoid them.