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Pediatric Colorectal and Urogenital Patient Stories

Where comprehensive care, personalized attention and world-class experience meet to treat patients with complex colorectal disorders.



Few things are as rewarding as seeing our patients thrive after we care for them. That’s our goal for every child and family we care for. Read the stories below to learn more about our care, how it impacts families’ lives and see how these kids are doing now.

Everett: Hirschsprung Disease and the Search for the Right Surgeon

Everett’s medical journey took him from California to Colorado in search of the right surgeon to treat Hirschsprung disease.

Noah: Not Just Surviving, but Thriving, with Hirschsprung Disease

Noah had been dealing with complications due to Hirschsprung disease since birth. Once his family found the right colorectal surgeon, they knew it would make all the difference and they even followed their new surgeon across the country to Children’s Colorado in order to continue treatment.

Jonathan: How the Malone Procedure Improved His Quality of Life

Jonathan Mackey was born with spina bifida and dealt with its many health complications throughout his life, including neurogenic bladder and bowel difficulties. A recent decline in his health was significantly decreasing his quality of life. He had one good option that could make a big difference – the Malone (ACE) procedure.

Darius: A Journey to Children's Hospital Colorado

Darius was born with an anorectal malformation, a condition in which his rectum and anus did not develop properly. Dr. Peña and Dr. Bischoff, two world-renowned colorectal surgeons, performed surgeries that saved Darius' life.