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The multidisciplinary experts in the Epilepsy Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado diagnose and treat all forms of epilepsy. We care for babies, kids and young adults, ranging from those who have just experienced their first seizure to those suffering from chronic and debilitating epilepsy.

NAEC Badge

Children's Colorado is accredited by the NAEC as a level 4 epilepsy center. Level 4 epilepsy centers have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy.

Why choose Children’s Colorado for your child's epilepsy treatment?

Our pediatric-trained specialists offer multiple treatment options including medications, dietary options and surgical interventions to help control seizures in children.

Our epilepsy team provides a complete evaluation for all epilepsy types. As a NAEC level 4 epilepsy center, we offer advanced treatment options for complex patients, including a broad range of surgical procedures, various epilepsy diets and clinical medication trials.

Our multidisciplinary epilepsy surgery team is designed to meet the needs of the child from presurgical testing to postsurgical extended care. We have a surgical nurse program coordinator that works closely with families to help guide them through the surgical pathway.

Our providers also use advanced technology to ensure the best outcomes for children:

  • By using our Brain Lab® image-guidance surgery, our neurosurgeons can perform complex brain operations with virtual visualization of critical brain structures to help locate the seizure onset and improve surgery outcomes.
  • We use state-of-the-art laser technology to target deep brain lesions through very small openings.
  • Our neurosurgeons use a robotic surgical assistant (ROSA) to plan each step of a child’s operation in advance and to precisely place sEEG electrodes that can localize a deeper seizure onset zone.

We partner with hospitals in New Mexico, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming to help co-manage complex epilepsy patients. We’re working to expand our telemedicine offerings to reach epilepsy patients in underserved and remote areas of Colorado and the surrounding states.

Our epilepsy team actively participates in the community to raise epilepsy awareness and support. We promote epilepsy camps through the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado and Wyoming.

Our multidisciplinary approach to epilepsy care

Emphasis on research in the Epilepsy Program

The Neuroscience Institute at Children’s Colorado is dedicated to advancing research to discover the best ways to treat, diagnose and cure children with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. Our doctors and scientists are internationally recognized leaders, making Children’s Colorado one of the leading pediatric research institutes in the world.

Our team works together in basic, translational and clinical research, supported by more than $3 million per year in grant and philanthropic funding.

  • Basic research is the research done in the laboratory before therapies and tests get to humans.
  • Translational research is known as “bench to bedside” research that tests how the theories developed in the lab can be used to help patients.
  • Clinical research is conducted when there is a lot of data to support a treatment being helpful in curing or detecting disease in humans.

Through these innovative studies, we are able to improve treatment options and results not only for our patients, but for children around the world.

Get to know our pediatric experts.

Jennifer Oliver, CPNP-PC

Jennifer Oliver, CPNP-PC

Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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Nina Robinson, CPNP-PC

Nina Robinson, CPNP-PC

CPN, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Kevin Ess, MD

Kevin Ess, MD

Neurology - Pediatric, Neurophysiology

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Jaehyung Lim, MD

Jaehyung Lim, MD

Neurology - Pediatric, Neurology