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Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Urology Referral Information for Healthcare Professionals

The Department of Pediatric Urology provides expert multidisciplinary care for children with congenital and acquired urologic conditions. Collaboration among experts in several departments, such as pediatric surgery, neonatology, oncology, nephrology and adolescent gynecology allows us to care for complex, multi-system disorders. We also work closely with University of Colorado Health Hospital to offer a seamless and positive transition for teenagers as they move on to adult care.

Urology referral information

We provide referral guidelines for how and when to refer a pediatric patient to the urology team at Children's Hospital Colorado. Download our Urology Referral Guidelines (.pdf) for more information.

Learn more about the new patient supporting documents for Pediatric Urology.

Research and clinical trials

Pediatric experts in our Department or Pediatric Urology continuously improve the quality of care at Children's Colorado through ongoing research efforts.

  • Bladder development: In collaboration with Anna Malykhina, MD at the University of Colorado, Duncan Wilcox, MD and Nao Iguchi, MD are studying the effect of partial bladder outlet obstruction to assess signs of the obstruction. By studying hypoxia pathways, they hope to find new types of treatment. In addition, they are studying the interaction between bladder and bowel nerve function and its possible effect on children with dysfunctional elimination syndrome.
  • Urologic oncology: As part of the Children's Oncology Group, we actively participate in local and national research projects aimed at improving the outcomes for children and adolescents with urologic tumors. Nicholas Cost, MD is one of the only pediatric urologic oncologists in the country. He is spearheading testicular, kidney and pelvic tumor research efforts.
  • Prenatal imaging: Together with researchers in the Department of Pediatric Radiology, Jeff Campbell, MD is studying how different types of prenatal imaging tests affect the diagnosis of urinary and genital organ irregularities at birth.

    In collaboration with the Society for Fetal Urology, Dr. Campbell developed a new classification system for perinatal hydronephrosis aimed at improving the prediction of outcomes in these patients.

  • Congenital hydronephrosis: Vijaya Vemulakonda, MD is studying different types of treatment for infants diagnosed with hydronephrosis before birth. The research looks at how those variations in treatment impact kidney function in children with kidney obstruction. The goal of this research is to develop guidelines for surgical testing and treatment to improve the long-term outcomes of these patients.

Surgical outcomes data

Our Pediatric Urology Department specialists measure reoperation rates for urologic surgeries, such as hypospadias surgery, orchiopexy and hernia surgery. Children's Colorado is one of the few pediatric hospitals in the country that publishes the outcomes of these surgeries to help parents make educated decisions about their child's healthcare.

Pediatric urology fellowship information

We offer a two-year Pediatric Urology Fellowship that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and the University of Colorado School of Medicine Office of Graduate Medical Education. This program seeks to recruit the best candidates and provide the educational foundation for a successful career in pediatric urology.

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