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Pediatric Urology Programs and Clinics

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we treat the big things, the small things and everything in between.

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The programs and clinics in the Department of Pediatric Urology are designed to meet the unique needs of children, teens and young adults who have a pediatric urologic condition. Experts from multiple departments work together in these programs and clinics to help our patients and families learn about and manage their health.

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Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Program in the Department of Pediatric Urology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney, bladder and other abdominal cavity organ disorders. Our experts are dedicated to providing the most minimally invasive urology care for children of all ages.


Treatment for Disorders of Sex Development in the SOAR Clinic

Our sex development program, SOAR, is a safe haven for children with disorders of sexual development (DSD). See how our DSD clinic provides multidisciplinary care for children and their parents.


Transitional Urologic Care for Teens and Young Adults

Pediatric urologists at Children's Hospital Colorado help teens and young adults transition from pediatric care into adult care. Learn more about how our transitional urology care supports teens, young adults and their families

Kidney Stone Treatment at The Stone Clinic

Visit The Stone Clinic for pediatric kidney stone treatment and prevention at Children's Hospital Colorado. We offer quick diagnosis and use minimally invasive techniques at our pediatric kidney stone treatment clinic.


Urologic Tumor Program

At The Urologic Tumor Program, we diagnose and treat tumors of the kidney, adrenal gland, bladder, pelvis and testicles in children and young adults. Whether benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous), we offer exceptional surgical treatment and outcomes for patients with a urologic tumor.