Children's Hospital Colorado

Lifestyle Medicine Ambulatory Clinical Pathways

Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Lifestyle Medicine clinical pathways provide guidance and evaluation of the child struggling with obesity and comorbid conditions of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hypertension. The pathways describe proper screening for both conditions as well as consideration of referral to specialty care. 

Lifestyle Medicine clinical pathways

About our Lifestyle Medicine clinical pathways

Lifestyle Medicine clinical pathways offer best practice recommendations for children with obesity and associated comorbid conditions of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hypertension. They were created by a multidisciplinary team of content experts and process improvement professionals. Our teams reviewed available published literature and they integrated local expert opinion where necessary. 

These pathways provide a standardized approach to screening and diagnosis of these conditions as well as appropriate referrals to specialty care. The hypertension pathway provides access to the proper evaluation of hypertension and links to updated tables for reference of blood pressure classifications. The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease pathway provides guidance for appropriate screening and referral to the Pediatric Liver Center at Children’s Colorado. 

The Agile MD format for these clinical pathways aims at optimizing evidence-based care for patients while improving workflow and enhancing the care team dynamic. Visit AgileMD’s knowledge base to learn about compatible browsers and devices.