Children's Hospital Colorado

NOTICE: Construction delays on Colfax Ave. and surrounding streets

The City of Aurora has started a five-phase, three-year construction project near Anschutz Medical Campus. Construction crews have closed multiple lanes on Colfax Avenue between Peoria and Scranton Streets as well as southbound Peoria Street. Please check traffic and allow extra time to get to your child's appointment.

This construction project is designed to address flood risk in and around the campus by updating the storm water system. Please visit Aurora Water's website for project updates.

Map of Our Hospital on Anschutz Medical Campus

Children’s Hospital Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus is located in Aurora at I-225 and Colfax. Our state-of-the-art hospital includes nine floors and 1,440,000 square feet of space designed just for pediatric care. With bright colors, views of nature and private patient rooms, every detail was built to help babies, kids and teens get better faster and reduce stress on the whole family.

Check out our hospital map

We’ve created this interactive hospital map so you can see where you are going during your visit.

Healing through unique art and design

Research shows that looking at art based on nature helps reduce stress, so here, we use the positive distractions provided by art to help kids heal. Images such as water, trees and outdoor spaces reduce anxiety and pain, and studies show that providing interactive opportunities for kids reduces their stress and anxiety. It’s with this knowledge that our hospital strives to bring the outdoors inside.

In particular, our featured art focuses on Colorado and the west by incorporating colors, materials, geography, cultural heritage and other qualities unique to the region. This provides a fun and familiar yet new experience for patients and families, no matter how often they are here.