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Getting a Second Opinion from Children’s Hospital Colorado

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If your child is sick or dealing with confusing symptoms, it can be hard to know what the best next step is. Our pediatric experts are here to provide answers and give you confidence in your treatment decision. As the best children’s hospital in our region, Children’s Hospital Colorado provides second opinions for a wide range of conditions to ensure your child receives the best care.

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What is a second opinion?

A second opinion allows our world-class specialists to review your child’s diagnosis, symptoms or treatment plan and offer their expert opinion about your care options. We collect your child’s health history in an initial informational phone call.

Then, your family has an in-person second opinion appointment with one of our doctors, or team of providers, who review your child’s medical records and examines them in person. We give you a thorough assessment of your child’s condition or symptoms, including treatment recommendations.

How do you get a second opinion for your child?

At Children’s Colorado, we offer two options for getting a second opinion from our experts: in-person and virtual.

In-person second opinions

Seeing one of our pediatric providers face-to-face for a second opinion is easy. First, schedule an initial informational phone call with our team. We’ll collect your child’s health information, determine who the best provider is for your child and schedule your appointment.

Virtual second opinions

Our virtual second opinion allows you to get a consultation from our experts, no matter where you live. Simply fill out our virtual second opinion form and a nurse will contact you to gather your child’s health information, explain the virtual second opinion process and connect you with the best specialist for your child. A virtual second opinion costs $750 and a nurse will walk you through the payment process.

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In-person second opinion
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Virtual second opinion

Why you should get a second opinion for your child

Medical knowledge and treatments are advancing every day, so it can be very helpful to seek guidance from more than one doctor or hospital before starting treatment. This is especially true when the diagnosis is rare or complex — or when the treatment could be life-changing. Different hospitals have different capabilities and those that conduct research, like we do, sometimes offer treatments that aren’t available elsewhere.

A second opinion about your child’s condition can help you:

  • Determine, confirm or clarify a diagnosis
  • Discuss treatment options and compare the risks, benefits and results of these options
  • Understand why symptoms persist despite treatment
  • Find and evaluate new or advanced therapies
  • Consider opportunities to join clinical trials

Why request a second opinion from Children’s Colorado?

If you’re uncertain about a medical issue your child is facing, you need the best experts to provide answers. You’ll find them at Children’s Colorado.

We see more and treat more kids than any other hospital in our seven-state region. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks us one of the best children’s hospital in the country, with all our specialties highly ranked. Our specialists have been providing second opinions for families for years and serve as the most trusted pediatric experts in our region. We also have access to the most advanced treatments through research and clinical trials.

No matter what your child is facing, we have experts who can provide answers and a clearer path forward.

When should I ask for a second opinion?

We’re here to provide clarity any time you have questions or feel uncertain about a known or potential diagnosis. Our providers offer second opinions in many situations, including:

  • After your child receives a diagnosis but before treatment, so you can feel confident about your child’s treatment plan
  • When you’re seeking answers about your child’s symptoms
  • If your child has a rare condition and you need the expertise of a children’s sub-specialist
  • If you’re considering changing or stopping your treatment plan

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