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Fetal Aortic Valve Stenosis

Fetal aortic valve stenosis occurs when a baby's aortic valve, located between the left ventricle and aorta, is unable to open completely. It allows for blood to flow out of the left ventricle and, when it doesn't close properly, blood may leak backwards.

At the Colorado Fetal Care Center, we have a team of fetal cardiology experts who treat fetal aortic valve stenosis. Thanks to our state-of-the-art center and amazing fetal care specialists, we are one of the highest ranked fetal care centers in the nation. We'll guide you and your family through this difficult time, starting from your very first visit.

What are the risks associated with aortic valve stenosis?

In some cases of stenosis, there may be a reduction in blood flow into the left ventricle. This may halt the heart's growth, resulting in a severe form of congenital heart disease called hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

How is valve stenosis diagnosed during pregnancy?

Aortic valve stenosis can be identified by fetal echocardiogram as early as 14 weeks' gestation.

What treatment options are available for valve stenosis?

Mild forms of aortic valve stenosis may only require careful observation but if severe, the left ventricle can become dilated and dysfunctional. When this happens, treatment is necessary.

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