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Second Opinions for a Prenatal Diagnosis

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If your baby has been diagnosed with a prenatal condition, you probably have a lot of questions: What’s the best path forward? What’s the best timing for treatment? Do I have the best care near me?

It can be hard to find this information because many prenatal diagnoses are rare and unexpected. As one of the most experienced fetal care teams in the country, our Colorado Fetal Care Center providers can answer all your questions. At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we offer second opinions for any diagnosis your baby has received, and we care for virtually any fetal condition.

Call us for an initial informational phone call and we’ll collect your basic health information. Then, our team will determine which specialists are best to see for your in-person second opinion appointment and help you schedule it.

Request a second opinion

Ready to get started? Call or email us to schedule your initial informational call.

What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is an opportunity for our renowned fetal care specialists to review your baby’s diagnosis or confirm a suspected diagnosis. In an initial informational phone call, we collect your health information, your baby’s health information and any records about their diagnosis or potential diagnosis from your primary physician.

If necessary, you then have an in-person appointment with our team. We review your baby’s medical records and perform any necessary fetal diagnostic tests. Our team gives you a complete assessment of your baby’s condition and discusses potential treatment options and outcomes.

Why you should get a second opinion about a prenatal diagnosis

Medical knowledge and treatments are advancing every day, especially within fetal care. Not every region has doctors and surgeons who specialize in fetal care. So it can be very helpful to seek the opinion of more than one doctor or hospital before starting treatment. This is especially true when the diagnosis is rare or complex — or when the treatment could be life-changing — which is often the case for serious fetal conditions.

Getting a second opinion about your baby’s condition can help you:

  • Determine, confirm or clarify a diagnosis
  • Discuss treatment options and compare the risks, benefits and results of these options
  • Understand rare conditions
  • Find and evaluate new or advanced treatment options
  • Plan the remainder of your pregnancy
  • Create a care plan for your baby

Why request a second opinion from the Colorado Fetal Care Center?

A prenatal diagnosis can be unexpected. Most families never think about the possibility until they receive an initial diagnosis. Some diagnoses are rare, and you may hear a troubling outlook. That’s why it’s important to get a second opinion from specialists who care only for families dealing with fetal conditions. You’ll find that at our Colorado Fetal Care Center.

How best to care for your baby may be one of the biggest decisions you make. We have the experience to help it be one of the most informed decisions you make.

We treat more mothers and babies for fetal conditions than most hospitals in the nation. And we have some of the best outcomes (success rates) of any fetal care center in the world.

The rare is common for us. If you need an expert opinion to help you make a treatment decision for a prenatal diagnosis, find comfort in knowing we do that every day.

When should I ask for a second opinion from fetal medicine experts?

A second opinion can be helpful whenever you have questions or seek clarity about a diagnosis or treatment plan. We can provide answers to help you feel more certain about your path forward.

You might have received an initial diagnosis from your primary care physician or a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. We can confirm that diagnosis or provide further detail. Families also come to us with a confirmed prenatal diagnosis for a second opinion about the best course of treatment.

Colorado Fetal Care Center specialists are ready to provide second opinions whenever you need expert guidance. Second opinions can help in numerous situations, including:

How to get a second opinion at the Colorado Fetal Care Center

  • First, call 720-777-4463 to schedule a free initial phone call with the Colorado Fetal Care Center. This call will take 15 to 30 minutes.
  • During the call, a friendly team member will collect basic information about your baby’s diagnosis. We’ll ask a series of questions to help us choose which programs and providers we recommend for your in-person visit.
  • If you decide to proceed with an in-person appointment, we’ll help schedule it. We also coordinate the details for getting medical records and discuss insurance or self-pay options ahead of your visit.
    • If your baby needs procedures or tests, we’ll help coordinate them before your in-person visit.
    • We’ll also help you navigate logistics including lodging options, transportation, parking and local restaurants.
  • At your visit, we’ll provide a comprehensive review of your baby’s diagnosis or condition. You’ll be able to ask our providers any questions you have.

What should I prepare for my second opinion call?

The more information you can provide, the more accurate a diagnosis our experts can make. Complete information about your baby’s condition also makes our process more seamless. Before your second opinion call, please have the following information or records available:

  • Fetal diagnosis: Your diagnosis or suspected diagnosis and current treatment plan, if applicable
  • Diagnosing doctor: The diagnosing doctor’s name, address, phone and fax numbers
  • Gestational age: How far along in your pregnancy are you?
  • Your location
  • Health insurance status and information

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help you find answers and get advice about your baby’s diagnosis. Expand the windows below for additional information and answers to FAQs about second opinions at our Colorado Fetal Care Center.

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