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Second Opinions for a Prenatal Diagnosis

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If your baby has been diagnosed with a prenatal condition, you probably have a lot of questions: What’s the best path forward? What’s the best timing for treatment? Do I have the best care near me?

It can be hard to find this information because many prenatal diagnoses are rare and unexpected. As one of the most experienced fetal care teams in the country, our Colorado Fetal Care Center providers can answer all your questions. At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we offer second opinions for any diagnosis your baby has received, and we care for virtually any fetal condition.

How to get a second opinion for your child

At our Center, we offer two options for getting a second opinion from our pediatric providers: in-person and virtual.

In-person second opinions

Getting a second opinion from our experts is easy:

  • Your first appointment will be a phone call with our fetal care administration team.
  • First, schedule an initial informational phone call below.
  • At the time you select, a member of our administration team will call you and collect your child’s health information.
  • After this call, our team will choose the best provider to see your child and schedule your in-person appointment.

Virtual second opinions

Our virtual second opinions allow you to get an evaluation from our experts, no matter where you live. Simply fill out our virtual second opinion request form below and a nurse will contact you to gather your child’s health information, walk you through the virtual second opinion process and schedule a virtual consultation with the best specialist for your child. A virtual second opinion costs $750.

Request an in-person second opinion

Maternal Fetal Medicine and Fetal Surgery

Schedule your initial informational call:

Schedule your initial call by phone

Request a virtual second opinion

Why request a second opinion from the Colorado Fetal Care Center?

A prenatal diagnosis can be unexpected. Most families never think about the possibility until they receive an initial diagnosis. Some diagnoses are rare, and you may hear a troubling outlook. That’s why it’s important to get a second opinion from specialists who care only for families dealing with fetal conditions. You’ll find that at our Colorado Fetal Care Center.

How best to care for your baby may be one of the biggest decisions you make. We have the experience to help it be one of the most informed decisions you make.

We treat more mothers and babies for fetal conditions than most hospitals in the nation. And we have some of the best outcomes (success rates) of any fetal care center in the world.

The rare is common for us. So if you need an expert opinion to help you make a treatment decision for a prenatal diagnosis, find comfort in knowing we do that every day.

What specialists or programs offer second opinions?

Our fetal care specialists can provide a second opinion for any prenatal diagnosis or suspected diagnosis your baby might have. We commonly coordinate with specialists across our hospital to help us care for one family.

Colorado Fetal Care Center specialists are ready to provide second opinions whenever you need expert guidance. Second opinions can help in numerous situations, including:

Learn about the fetal conditions we treat

Meet our fetal care specialists who offer second opinions

After your initial informational phone call, we’ll determine which of our fetal experts you should see for your in-person appointment.

Camila Londono-Obregon, MD

Camila Londono-Obregon, MD

Cardiology, Cardiology - Pediatric, Pediatrics

Karrie Villavicencio, MD

Karrie Villavicencio, MD

Cardiology - Pediatric, Pediatrics

What should I prepare for my second opinion call with the Colorado Fetal Care Center?

The more information you can provide, the more accurate a diagnosis our experts can make. Complete information about your baby’s condition also makes our process more seamless. Before your second opinion call, please have the following information or records available:

  • Fetal diagnosis: Your diagnosis or suspected diagnosis and current treatment plan, if applicable
  • Diagnosing doctor: The diagnosing doctor’s name, address, phone and fax numbers
  • Gestational age: How far along in your pregnancy are you?
  • Your location
  • Health insurance status and information

Where will I be seen for my in-person appointment(s)?

Our team will see you in the Colorado Fetal Care Center, located on the east side of our hospital on Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

Our Center has a separate entrance off Victor Street. Park in lot #10 and walk across Victor street to the CFCC entrance. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. Our friendly staff will direct you from there to your second opinion appointment.

Get answers to questions about second opinions at Children’s Colorado