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What is hypospadias?

Hypospadias is a congenital (present at birth) condition in males. It affects the urethra (tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis) and the foreskin of the penis.

With hypospadias, the urethral opening (where urine comes out) is on the underside of the penis instead of on the tip. The different types of hypospadias are named according to where on the penis the urethral opening is located. A child with hypospadias may also have a bend to his penis, called chordee or a curvature. The lower portion of the foreskin may also be missing. Children with hypospadias should not be circumcised at birth until they see a pediatric urologist.

What causes hypospadias?

Hypospadias happens when the penis does not form correctly before birth. This condition happens in about 1 out of every 250 births and can run in families.

Researchers have identified some rare genetic causes of hypospadias. New theories also suggest that chemicals in the environment may impact the way the penis develops. But in most children, the exact cause of hypospadias is unknown.

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