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The Connection Journey: Asthma



Ava was diagnosed with asthma four years ago, and now she's a 7-year-old expert. She and her mom, Angela, share the tips they've learned along the way.



Recently, our doctors confirmed what Yaretzi's mom, Claudia, has long suspected: she has asthma. Now, they're ready to get her asthma under control.


Our pediatric experts can tell families a lot about their child's asthma diagnosis and the treatment to come. One thing they can't always tell them: how it will feel.

That's why we connected a family just diagnosed with asthma with a family who's been there — to answer questions, to ease fears and to offer hope about everything from symptoms to medications to living with asthma. These conversations heal. Watch them on the following pages.

The journey in stages

1. Signs and diagnosis

Though it can be scary to learn your child has asthma, receiving a diagnosis is the first step to helping them breathe better. Learn about asthma in kids and how the right diagnosis makes all the difference.

2. Managing asthma

Teaching kids how to care for themselves is an important part of helping them manage their asthma. Find out how to help kids with their asthma medications and tips for preventing asthma attacks.

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Helpful asthma resources

Watch how-to videos and discover tools other families have found helpful.

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"I think it's cool that it's a hospital for kids. I didn't want to leave."

Ava, 7-year-old with asthma
Ava, 7-year-old with asthma, shares her experience being treated at Children's Hospital Colorado.


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