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Asthma Signs and Diagnosis

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Receiving an asthma diagnosis

It can be scary to learn your child has asthma, a chronic breathing condition that occurs when the airways in the lungs become swollen and make breathing difficult. But, receiving that diagnosis is the first step to helping them breathe better. Learn the signs and symptoms of asthma as well as how our breathing experts test for, diagnose and treat asthma in kids.

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Our families discuss their diagnosis

Here, Angela and Claudia discuss how they came to suspect asthma, and how they found the treatment their children needed.

Asthma treatment options and resources

Seeing your child struggle to breathe can be scary. Our multidisciplinary Asthma Program can make an asthma diagnosis more manageable, and we strive to get children well and stay well, both at home and at school.

Managing your child’s asthma

We don't just focus on a child's illness; we focus on the child. That's why our multidisciplinary team is made up of many different specialists – from asthma and allergy doctors, to child life and social work specialists.

Asthma care just for kids

Our Program treats children with common to severe asthma with a focus on managing asthma so kids can continue to do the things they love. We bring special attention through kid-focused care by ensuring children can focus on fun rather than feeling like they're at the doctor's office.

Additional asthma resources

Partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Colorado partners with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where many of our physicians and care providers serve as faculty.