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Mental Health Resources for Parents and Caregivers

You are not alone.

Life is tough right now, and many of us are struggling. There is no shame in asking for help with mental health, for you or your child.

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Do you need urgent help for your child?

Is it time to get help?

As a parent, you can usually trust your instincts. But when it comes to children’s mental health issues, it can be hard to tell when your child needs help — and what kind of help they need. We can point you in the right direction.

Is this typical?

Our quick guide to when kids are just being kids, and what signs and symptoms might be cause for concern.

Learn what to expect, by age

Warning signs that your child needs urgent or immediate help

Is this a mental health crisis? Experts in our Pediatric Mental Health Institute explain signs of a mental health crisis in kids and teens with tips for when and how to get help.

How to make a mental health crisis kit

Much like having a first-aid kit in your car in case of a cut or burn, preparing a crisis kit to have on hand can help comfort and distract your child during times of distress. Learn how to make a plan and distress tolerance box.

Supporting youth mental health during the pandemic

After having their lives disrupted by uncertainty, isolation and school closures during the pandemic, kids and teens have in many ways returned to normal life. But that doesn’t mean they feel – or that life is – “normal.” Here's how you can support your child or teen during another uncertain year.

Why teens and children are struggling

Watch the video below to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth, signs that your child is having a hard time and ways parents and caregivers can support their kids right now.

Understanding pediatric mental health conditions

From signs and symptoms to diagnosis and treatment, we explain the basics about common mental health conditions in children and adolescents. Many signs and symptoms overlap, so it's important to consult a mental health professional if your child is showing concerning signs. 

Therapy and resources for Colorado youth

We know how challenging it is to find mental health support for kids right now, and many waiting lists are long. But don’t give up: Community resources are available.  

Free counseling sessions

Could your child benefit from talking to a therapist? The I Matter Program from the State of Colorado’s Office of Behavioral Health offers six free virtual counseling sessions to all kids in Colorado.

Seeking help for your child is a sign of strength. To access resources and schedule sessions for your child, start by completing the parent survey.

Get started with I Matter

Community-based support

Search our Resource Hub for additional community resources for children and families: therapy, support groups, help paying for care, food assistance and much more.

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"When it comes to youth and their mental health, the number one, most important thing parents can do is spend quality time with their children."
Dr. Jessica Hawks, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

How to spot eating disorders

Eating disorders and issues can be hard to talk about. And you might not know what to look for. Jennifer Hagman, MD, Medical Director of our Eating Disorder Program, answers common questions about eating disorders.

Mental health articles by age group

If you have questions about your child's behavior and mental health, our experts have answers. Find resources to help you connect with your kids, have tough conversations and support their mental well-being.

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Babies and toddlers

Ages 0 to 4

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5 to 11 years

Children's mental health events

We host community events to bring mental health resources, knowledge and information to you and your family. Visit this page often to learn about new events.