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The learning specialists at Children's Hospital Colorado conduct comprehensive learning evaluations for children with learning disabilities and dyslexia, a condition characterized by difficulties recognizing, spelling or comprehending words and numbers. Our learning specialists provide learning therapy to individuals as well as small groups of children. Specialists also help children and families access the most current knowledge and advancements in the fields of learning and learning disabilities.

Learning services we offer

Our learning services team provides diagnostic evaluations and learning therapy for children and adolescents who are school-aged or pre-K. These services include:

  • Diagnostic evaluations for dyslexia, learning disabilities or other specific learning needs
  • Individualized research-based learning therapies designed to address specific needs
  • Support in the development of reading, written language or mathematics
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Educational instruction for inpatients
  • Telemedicine

Specialty learning clinics and programs

Our department specialists contribute to a variety of multidisciplinary teams, specialty clinics and camps at Children's Colorado including:

Learning therapy options

Learning therapists at Children's Colorado use individualized therapy to best meet your child's needs. Therapy goals are designed to work toward the next skill that will make your child more successful at home, at school or in the community. Your child's progress is assessed at each session and you can expect progress reports at regular intervals. Your child's therapy plan will include information about the number of therapy sessions that will be given, the length of each therapy visit and when to expect therapy to end.

Weekly individual therapy

Your child is seen twice a week over a one-year to two-year timeframe. During this time, our specialists use a multisensory, research-based approach to addressing dyslexia called the Orton-Gillingham method. This method helps children connect sounds and letters using hearing, touch and movement.

Telemedicine for learning therapy

Telemedicine means that learning therapy can be performed at a distance with the use of computers. Occasionally, families seeking services at Children's Colorado do not have access to appropriate, pediatric-trained clinicians in their home communities. In this case, telemedicine consultations or therapy services might be appropriate.

Why choose Children's Colorado for your child's learning needs?

Children's Colorado’s learning specialists are pediatric experts who provide children and their family with access to current and evidenced based family-centered care. These pediatric specialists work closely with individual families, primary care providers and other professionals to assure that each child’s learning needs are evaluated and addressed.

We also provide training opportunities to expand the knowledge of professionals or students who work with or are preparing to work with children with language-based learning disabilities.

Contact us

You can call Children's Colorado learning specialists at 720-777-6800.