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Through specialized child life programs, we ease the stress and anxiety of medical experiences using play, creativity, technology and even man's best friend.

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What is yoga therapy?

Dating back more than 2,000 years, yoga is an ancient method of achieving mind, body and spiritual health. Today, yoga has proven to be an effective form of therapy in our modern world, which is why yoga therapy is an integral part of the Creative Arts Therapy Program at Children's Hospital Colorado.

A growing body of research supports yoga therapy as a means for decreasing anxiety, stress and depression, while increasing positive coping, self-induced feelings of relaxation and powers of concentration and attention.

How does yoga therapy help kids?

Yoga Therapy at Children's Colorado

When used as a form of therapy to help treat kids, the combination of breath and movement through various yoga postures improves balance and strengthens the entire body. As a result, yoga assists kids' (and adults') systems to function more effectively and efficiently. Breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques also help lower blood pressure and improve mood and concentration, thus reprogramming the body’s habitual response to stress associated with illness or hospitalization.Yoga therapy for children embraces the same theories and philosophies as adult yoga, but with a greater element of fun and playfulness. Classic yoga postures as well as breathing, relaxation and meditation can be combined with storytelling, games, dance and song.

Kids and families share their experience with yoga therapy

After a multi-family yoga group session at Children's Colorado, a participant recalled the experience as "Very mindful…you really take a journey into yourself, which I don't get to do often. Really great therapy for me, it helps a lot." – Family member and yoga therapy participant at Children's Colorado

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