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Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center

Having a lifelong condition like inflammatory bowel disease can be challenging, especially for kids. At Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, we aim to provide compassionate, patient-centered service from the initial diagnosis to the time a child is ready for a transition to adult medical care.

About the Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center

A child is examined at the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center

Our Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center specializes in diagnosing and treating inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, in children, teens and young adults up to age 18. This includes Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease undetermined and immunodeficiencies causing intestinal inflammation.

In addition to our pediatric IBD specialists, Children’s Colorado is the only hospital in the Rocky Mountain region to offer an entire team of professionals dedicated to IBD care for kids and teens. From surgeons to social workers to nutritionists and more, a team of this size means we’re able to focus on how IBD impacts an entire family and provide an individualized treatment plan that meets everyone’s needs.

Services offered at our IBD center

An initial visit includes:

  • Physician evaluation and plan for IBD treatment
  • Education about IBD from our nurse coordinator
  • Dietician evaluation and diet planning
  • Social work evaluation for school and mental health needs

Follow-up visits include:

  • Physician evaluation and plan for treatment
  • Nurse evaluation for needs and coordination of care
  • Dietary and social work follow up as needed

Our bowel treatment program also provides the following services and procedures, offering complete and comprehensive care:

  • Upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, video capsule endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, therapeutic endoscopy and balloon enteroscopy
  • Primary nutritional therapy for Crohn’s disease
  • Non-irradiating radiologic imaging to prevent radiation exposure
  • Magnetic Resonance Enterography
  • Small bowel ultrasound
  • Research into the causes of IBD and development of new treatments for IBD
  • Clinical trials that make new medications available
  • An introduction and resources from the local chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA)
  • Medical coverage of Camp Oasis, a camp for children with IBD

Why choose us for inflammatory bowel disease care?

50 Years of combined experience
COMPLETE Care for patients and families
ONLY IBD center in the region to offer nutritional therapy

Our Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at the Digestive Health Institute is the only IBD center in the region to provide comprehensive, pediatric-specific multidisciplinary care. Essentially, this means we have a well-rounded team of specialists who can provide seamless care for children with IBD, no matter the type or severity.

Our team includes:

  • Board-certified pediatric gastroenterology physicians
  • Advance practice nurses
  • A nurse coordinator
  • A social worker
  • A nutritionist
  • A pediatric radiologist
  • Pediatric surgeons
  • A psychologist
  • Child life specialists

Learn why multidisciplinary care matters.

In addition to our unique, multidisciplinary approach to care, our focus on nutrition and its role in treating IBD in kids stands out as an example for other caregivers and providers. We’re the only IBD department in the region that provides nutritional IBD therapy as an option for inducing remission. This method allows our patients to avoid the risks of other medications typically used to treat IBD.

After nutritional therapy, our speciailsts help patients and their families learn to structure a balanced diet and eliminate fiber, lactose and foods high in fat that may worsen symptoms. We also participate in research and clinical trials, which helps us identify new and innovative treatment methods.

Learn about our gastroenterology and GI surgery research

Contact the Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center

For appointments at Anschutz Medical Campus or South Campus, call 720-777-4600 or email