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As one of the largest pediatric ear, nose and throat teams in the U.S., we offer care in six convenient locations for children in Colorado and beyond.



The Otolaryngology Department at Children's Hospital Colorado offers a variety of clinical programs to treat ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions in kids. In addition to the services our dedicated ENT team offers, we partner with other departments and clinics within the hospital to ensure your child is receiving the best, well-rounded care. Some of the clinics we work with include aerodigestive, sleep, hearing and cleft lip and palate.

Pediatric Balance and Vestibular Disorders Clinic

The care team in the Pediatric Balance and Vestibular Disorders Clinic evaluates and treats children who suffer from dizziness or imbalance. Our team works to find the cause of balance and dizziness in children so they can receive the treatment they need and return to their normal activities. Our clinic is the only multispecialty pediatric balance disorders clinic in the region.

Bill Daniels Center for Children’s Hearing

The Bill Daniels Center for Children’s Hearing is a multidisciplinary program that provides comprehensive, family-centered care for children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Care team members from Audiology, Speech and Learning Care and Otolaryngology collaborate to evaluate and treat your child.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) Clinic

The FEES Clinic provides comprehensive evaluations of the feeding and swallowing function in children to help identify risk for aspiration. Our multidisciplinary team, which is made up of ENT, speech pathology, occupational therapy and nursing personnel, perform these evaluations. We also provide recommendations for adaptations to safely feed your child. These recommendations may include changing your child’s position, type of bottle cup or food and drink consistency.

Microtia Clinic

The Microtia Clinic provides specialized treatment to children from birth to 21 years of age with microtia. Microtia is an underdeveloped outer ear. Our care team includes a pediatric ENT facial plastic surgeon, audiologists, ear prosthesis specialist and other specialists as needed, such as psychologists and social workers who specialize in hearing loss.

Sinusitis Clinic

The multidisciplinary team at our Sinusitis Clinic uses a variety of tools to effectively diagnose and treat sinusitis (sinus infection). We see more than 80 children each year for chronic sinus infections.

Thyroid Cancer Program

Our Thyroid Cancer and Nodule Program specializes in diagnosing and evaluating thyroid nodules. We also treat nodules that are cancerous or causing other problematic symptoms.

Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI) Clinic

Specialists at our VPI Clinic evaluate children who have or may have velopharyngeal dysfunction, or difficulty with moving or closing the soft palate and surrounding structures during speech. Children who have velopharyngeal dysfunction may have speech that is not understood very well by others. They may have too much or too little sound coming through their nose, or they may have a quiet or hoarse voice.

Voice Clinic

Experts at our Voice Clinic evaluate and treat a variety of voice disorders in children. An ENT physician and a pediatric speech therapist who specialize in voice therapy will see and treat your child when you visit our Voice Clinic. We have specialized equipment, like the smallest scopes available, to do exams on children.

Why choose the ENT clinics at Children’s Colorado?

We are the largest group of fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologists in the western United States, each with their special niche interest and expertise. Our group has the most experience in the state of Colorado and the most practice locations within the state. The combined years of practice experience among the otolaryngologists within our department is over 100 years.

Our practice is integrated with all related sub-specialists in one location, which makes Children’s Colorado one of the best hospitals in the nation. We see patients with a variety of conditions, from common illnesses like tonsillitis and ear infections, to complicated diagnoses like thyroid cancer and cystic fibrosis.

Looking for a second opinion?

Some ear, nose and throat infections can lead to complications that last a lifetime. Make sure your child is receiving the best pediatric care by speaking with one of our ENT specialists today.

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