Children's Hospital Colorado

As one of the largest pediatric ear, nose and throat teams in the U.S., we offer care in six convenient locations for children in Colorado and beyond.



As the largest group of pediatric otolaryngologists in the western United States, our pediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists have seen it all — from the most common conditions to the rarest. Whether it’s an inner-ear issue, a sinus problem, a neck mass or a sore throat, we have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and treat any disease related to your child’s ears, nose or throat.

We also have specialized programs and clinics that bring together experts from around the hospital, focusing on unique conditions that benefit from multidisciplinary care. All our doctors have specialist training and expertise in caring for children, which means we can provide the highest quality care while helping children of all ages feel comfortable and safe.

Our team of ENT specialists provide treatments such as hearing aids for hearing loss, ear tube surgery for recurring ear infections and tonsillectomies for enlarged tonsils causing tonsillitis. Our treatment for each conditions is outlined in the treatment section of each condition page, but even if you don’t see the ear, nose or throat condition you are looking for, call us — there is a very good chance we treat it.