Children's Hospital Colorado

Hospital Interpretation and Translation Services

To help ensure families understand their childs medical care and circumstances, we offer in-person medical interpretation services to patients who do not speak English or who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please ask your childs nurse or any staff member about our hospital interpretation service during your visit.

Additionally, each inpatient room is equipped with a special blue phone dedicated entirely to interpretation. These phones are voice-activated and serve as a valuable interpretation tool in a variety of languages. There is also a blue phone available at the Information Desk at each Children’s Hospital Colorado location.

Additionally, we provide document translation in your preferred language for reports, letters and more. Video remote interpretation may also be available at your location.

Spanish language services at Children’s Colorado

Para comunicarse con Childrens Colorado, por favor llame al 720-777-1234 y pida hablar con la operadora que habla español. En Colorado Springs, por favor llame al 719-305-7246.