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Educational and Implementation Toolkit for the Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening Program

We are one of the largest programs in the country treating patients with heart problems from before birth through adulthood, with exceptional outcomes.

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This toolkit will provide healthcare professionals with the initial resources needed to start the critical congenital heart disease (CHD) screening in your nurseries. The toolkit includes information regarding implementation, resources for training individuals responsible for screening and resources for educating families.

In addition, all materials for the education of families are provided in both English and Spanish. Education materials are evidence-based. The toolkit also includes resources for parents, families and healthcare professionals. 

Children’s Hospital Colorado is excited to work with you to implement critical CHD screening in your newborn nursery. There is the potential to save the lives and improve outcomes of many babies.

Overview information

How-to information

Employee education

Implementation documents

Patient handouts

Download the entire program (.pdf)