Children's Hospital Colorado

Telehealth Services Offered at Children’s Hospital Colorado

A telehealth appointment is a virtual visit that gives you the same compassionate care you get from an in-person visit, but from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home.

Telehealth services at Children’s Hospital Colorado include video visits, teleconferencing and other forms of telemedicine across all our pediatric specialties, clinics, hospitals, emergency departments and care teams.

Our care teams only recommend telehealth when it’s the right choice for your child’s care, and some portions of your child’s care may still need to be onsite, such as X-rays or procedures, many of which are available at our convenient locations across the Front Range. Video visits work especially well for initial assessments, chronic disease management, mental health care and care planning.

Our telehealth expertise

Our telehealth services are safe, proven and effective. As national leaders in telemedicine, we were the first in the region to offer it, and we’ve been integrating virtual health into our practice for more than 10 years. We’re involved in telehealth collaborations and research across the nation and have played a key role in developing many remote healthcare innovations.

Through that work, we know that telemedicine is not only a great option for your child’s care, but in many cases can even improve quality and treatment, while reducing burdens like transportation costs and missed school or work.

Beyond videoconferencing: other telehealth services

Our telehealth technology works for much more than just video visits. We also use it to improve care and outcomes through remote monitoring, consultation with primary care providers or facilities and more. We even use it to help patients in the hospital connect with family members and their primary care team.

Here are just a few examples of our other telehealth offerings:

Psychiatric emergency triage
Our mental health experts can assess patients with urgent mental health concerns in all emergency departments within the Children’s Colorado system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using video technology. This helps reduce wait times and the need for transfers to our Anschutz Campus Emergency Department.

MyChart Bedside
MyChart Bedside is an app on our hospital iPads that gives families access to much (but not all) of the same information that our doctors and nurses use to care for patients. MyChart Bedside also offers video capability, so a specialist, nurse, social worker or other member of the care team can talk with and evaluate patients and families when they are not in the room.

Please review the instructions in the MyChart Bedside Family Instructions (.pdf) to learn more about this option.

Discharge and transfer
Our specialty clinic nurses and care coordinators can use video technology to follow up with patients and families in their home after hospital discharges. Additionally, a Children’s Colorado provider can do a video hand-off of care to a local primary care provider or cardiologist in the patient’s home community before discharge from our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Cardiac Progressive Care Unit (CPCU).

NICU Baby Chat
Baby Chat is a program that uses secure, high-quality cameras and iPads to connect babies in the NICU with their families during their stay.

NICU consultation
Through NICU telehealth services, our expert pediatric neonatologists provide consults to certain partner hospitals for their tiniest patients.

Video chats between patients and friends and family
While patients are admitted to Children’s Colorado, they can use our iPads to communicate with friends and family members outside of the hospital. Please ask your nurse or unit Inpatient Service Specialist for more information.

How to make a telehealth appointment

To make a telehealth appointment for your child, simply ask your provider, scheduler or care team if telehealth could work for your child’s next visit.