Children's Hospital Colorado

Calendar of Events at Seacrest Studios (BBOY45)

In addition to our regular programming on BBOY45, Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital Colorado hosts a variety of fun and interactive events throughout the week. You never know who may be joining in on the fun.

We encourage you to check back frequently for information on special events and appearances.

What’s happening in Seacrest Studios at Children’s Colorado


10 a.m.: BBOY45 Morning Show – Every weekday kicks off with an hour of fun! This family-friendly talk show-style program includes everything from spur-of-the-moment games to wacky discussion topics and stories. Kids are encouraged to come down and call in to be part of the show!

11 a.m.: Trivia – Listen in as Cody and Chris take all of the trivia questions from the previous week and host this fun show. Patients can join us from their room by calling the hotline or they can come on down to the studio to answer trivia questions for prizes. Recommended for children 5 years old and up.

12 p.m.: Live Music – Tune in for live performances from local and touring acts. Brought to you in partnership with Musicians On Call 

1 p.m.: Deal or No Deal – What’s your lucky number? Find out which briefcase is holding the grand prize.

2 p.m.: Daniel’s [P]Review - Touchdown! Our resident football expert, Daniel and his friend CBS 4’s Mark Haas join forces to discuss all things NFL.


10 a.m.: BBOY45 Morning Show

11 a.m.: Friendly Feud –Like the popular TV Show “Family Feud,” patients and their families answer questions that fit into specific categories (like “name something you take camping”), and then predict the most popular answers. Recommended for children 7 years old and up.

12 p.m.: Milli-On Air – Sports lovers unite. Give our patient-champion Million a call or join him in-studio to talk all things sports.

1 p.m.: Play Ball! Eric’s Rockies Baseball Review – Our hometown team, The Colorado Rockies are all the talk during this hour with Children’s Colorado’s Eric. Will the team hit a homerun today or strike out? Tune in to find out. Local media call-in guests have included Drew Goodman from Root Sports and the voice of Coors Field, Reed Saunders!


10 a.m.: BBOY45 Morning Show

11:30 a.m.: Yoga – Namaste. Stretch, strengthen and relax your mind and body during this 30-minute yoga class with Pat.

12 p.m.: Superhero Spotlight – Don your cape and cowl as patient, Elizabeth, covers everything from origin story to superpower details of each week’s superhero from the DC and Marvel universes.

1 p.m.: BINGO – Stop by or call-in to play the BBOY45 version of BINGO, where there are a ton of winners, lots of smiles, and a million prizes! Mini games and “mistakes” can be caught for a chance at extra winnings!


10 a.m.: BBOY45 Morning Show

10:15 a.m.: Judson’s Club – Find out what book Judson will be reading this week, pay close attention, and answer questions for prizes! Judson’s Club always wraps up with a joke-a-minute game time, too!

11 a.m.: Music Mania - This 30-minute talk show highlights new and upcoming musicians and artists with videos, stories, and fun facts. Recommended for children 12 and older.

12 p.m.: Let’s Make Something – Join our Creative Arts Therapy department and tune in to find out what cool art project or we are making or song we are writing today.

1 p.m.: Fun with Child Life – The Children’s Hospital Colorado Child Life department brings bi-weekly games, activities and prizes to the Seacrest Studio.


10 a.m.: BBOY45 Morning Show

11 a.m.: Jeopardy – This is Jeopardy (Children's Hospital Colorado style)! Join us and test your knowledge on current and historical events and everything in between.

12 p.m.: Craft Hour – Get artsy with Seacrest Studios during crafts hour. We’ll teach you how to make things like paracord bracelets, duct tape wallets, tie-dye shirts, circular paper airplanes, and more!

1 p.m.: Live Music – Tune in for live performances from local and touring acts. Brought to you in partnership with Musicians On Call 

2 p.m.: Mystery Picture – Guess what the mystery picture is as we reveal it one piece at a time. Recommended for children 7 years old and up.

*Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Night Secret Phrase: We will broadcast a pre-recorded secret word or phrase at 5:45 and 6:45 p.m. Patients and siblings can listen for the secret phrase and call in when we open the Seacrest Studio the following morning (720-777-4500) with the secret phrase to win a prize. HINT: We often give away the secret phrase numerous times the hour before the studio opens as well, so listen closely.

*Studio Summer Show Clinics: Seacrest Studios at Children's Colorado is offering two workshops over the summer for patients and siblings 12 years and older. This is a chance for kids to come and learn about the studio, prep a show as a group, and then produce it. For more information please contact Cody Hudson or Chris Coleman.