Children's Hospital Colorado
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The pediatric experts in the HOPE Survivorship Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado help childhood cancer and bone marrow transplantation survivors of all ages live fuller, healthier lives. We’ve included a list of commonly asked questions about our program below with answers from our providers.

Who do you treat at the HOPE Survivorship Program?

Our team works with survivors of bone marrow transplantation and all types of childhood cancer. Patients typically need to be at least five years past their cancer diagnosis and at least two years out from the end of treatment or transplantation.

I didn’t have cancer, but I did have a bone marrow transplant for another disease. Should I still come to the HOPE Survivorship Program?

Yes. Although you didn’t have cancer, you are a survivor of a bone marrow transplant, which included therapy such as chemotherapy, and you may be at risk for late side effects.

Can I be a patient in the HOPE Survivorship Program if I wasn’t treated at Children’s Colorado?

We’re still happy to see you if you weren’t treated at Children’s Colorado previously. Our nurse coordinator will work with you to collect your records for your first appointment.

What if I’m an adult cancer or bone marrow transplant survivor?

Our affiliated TACTIC Clinic at UCHealth is dedicated to adult survivors of pediatric cancer who are over the age of 21. You will see an internist, a pediatric oncologist, a psychologist and a nurse. To make an appointment, call 720-848-2300.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Most insurance companies will cover visits to the HOPE Survivorship Program as they would other office visits and tests. However, deductibles and copayments will apply. You’ll want to check with your insurance company.

Do I need a referral to the HOPE Survivorship Program?

It depends on your insurance, but you can go ahead and make an appointment and an insurance verifier will check for you.

How can I get an appointment?

Call us at 720-777-5441 for additional information on the HOPE Program and to book an appointment.

What should I expect from my visits to the HOPE Survivorship Program?

The intake appointment lasts about three hours, and we will try to schedule any lab work, X-rays or other tests you may need the morning before your intake visit. Annual visits after that are much shorter, usually about one hour.

After your intake visit, we’ll see you at our follow-up clinic once a year. These visits will last about an hour, and you will see either a pediatric oncologist or advanced practice provider and the nurse educator.

Where will my clinic visit be held?

Call us at 720-777-5441 for additional information on the HOPE Survivorship Program and to book an appointment.