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Your Visit at the Colorado Fetal Care Center

Once you contact the Colorado Fetal Care Center, we'll help guide you through your entire experience with us. We'll coordinate travel, schedule appointments with fetal care specialists and make sure you're getting the very best care for your family. Our world-renowned doctors and nurses are here to help you with your needs, diagnose any anomaly, and care for your and your baby through the process.

We want you to feel comfortable and reassured. Make sure to ask questions so you have all the answers you need to make to make informed decisions.

World-renowned fetal care for complex fetal conditions

A pregnant woman walks in front of a blue glass wall.

The Colorado Fetal Care Center (CFCC) serves as a beacon of hope for families facing high-risk pregnancies. Our internationally recognized fetal care specialists and top fetal surgeons focus on improving outcomes for our patients and enhancing the quality of life for every mother and baby we treat. If intrauterine fetal surgery is required, our team is here for you.

Our fetal care experts have a wealth of experience with diagnosis and management of complex fetal anomalies, having evaluated thousands of high-risk pregnancies and performed over 800 fetal surgeries in the last decade alone.

We offer one of the few truly comprehensive fetal care programs in the world. Our team provides a complete range of diagnosis and evaluation that covers fetal medicine, fetal surgery and the full range of pediatric subspecialties through experts from Children’s Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Hospital and University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Comprehensive treatment

As one of the few programs in the United States offering fetoscopic and open fetal surgery, the Colorado Fetal Care Center stands as a national referral center for patients with the most complex pregnancies. Our location on the country’s newest academic medical campus ensures that patients receive support from experts from every possible pediatric and adult medical subspecialties. We provide access to the most advanced technological resources and receive support from basic and clinical researchers. This unparalleled combination means advanced therapies and the strongest outcomes.

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