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How We Work in the Department of Endocrinology

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About the Endocrinology team

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we strive to meet your child's and family's needs for information, recommendations, and support through evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Our pediatric-trained experts ensure your child receives the latest and best in care.

Our diabetes and endocrinology staff are ready to share with you the latest information about childhood endocrine conditions, as well as the causes and treatments for diabetes. Whether your child is a newborn or a teenager, all our talent and resources are focused on you and your child.

Your endocrine and growth care team

Pediatric endocrinologist

A pediatric endocrinologist is a doctor who deals with variations of physical growth and sexual development in childhood, as well as diabetes and other disorders of the endocrine glands. Pediatric endocrinologists have extensive training and expertise in dealing with children and in treating children with endocrine disorders and hormonal problems.

If your primary care provider suggests that your child see a pediatric endocrinologist at Children's Colorado, you can be assured that your child will receive the best possible care. We work closely with primary care providers to deliver coordinated and comprehensive care for children with special needs.

Physician assistant (PA)

Physician assistants are licensed healthcare professionals who practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. Our physician assistants are highly trained and are capable of diagnosing and treating most endocrine disorders.

Endocrine nurse

We have an experienced group of highly qualified pediatric-trained nurses who provide education to families regarding medical care for endocrine disorders and answer phone calls from our patients. Endocrine nurses also perform specialized endocrine testing in our clinic.

Certified diabetes educator

While there are many certified diabetes educators (CDE) at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, we also have an endocrine nurse at the Children's Colorado that is a certified diabetes educator. Our CDE has expertise in Type 1 diabetes, but she also specializes in steroid-induced diabetes, cystic fibrosis related diabetes and congenital hyperinsulinism.

Clinical social worker

A social worker is available as needed to assist families in solving and coping with problems in their daily lives.


A nutritionist is present in several of our multidisciplinary clinics to help families find ways to eat healthy and lose weight.


A psychologist is present in several of our multidisciplinary clinics to help identify behavioral or mental health concerns that may influence a patient's or family's ability to manage a diagnosis or condition.

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For endocrinology appointment information, please call 720-777-6128.
For diabetes appointment information, please call the Barbara Davis Center at 303-724-2323.

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