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What is a period?

A period, also called a menstrual period or menstruation, refers to the vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a monthly cycle. Periods begin once an individual reaches puberty, usually between ages 11 and 15 and continue until they reach menopause, usually around age 51. Menstruation is the body’s way of shedding the lining of the uterus, which passes through the vagina, along with menstrual blood.

Problem periods

Many teens have issues with their periods. The good news is that there are safe and effective options to help manage these problems. Sometimes, periods can:

  • Cause pain or severe cramps, a condition known as dysmenorrhea
  • Cause heavy or irregular bleeding
  • Interfere with normal activities like school or sports
  • Cause other medical conditions to get worse before or during the period
  • Be very difficult to manage for some individuals

Treatment options for problem periods

We can help manage periods by using hormonal therapy, which sometimes includes menstrual suppression. These forms of treatment are effective medical options for treating painful, heavy or irregular periods. Most of these options are known as “birth control” but your doctor might recommend them to treat a medical condition related to you or your child’s period. If this kind of treatment is an option, a doctor can recommend a specific method based on the unique medical situation.

Why choose us for period management?

Our team at the Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Department has decades of experience providing options for menstrual suppression. When diagnosing and treating adolescents and young adults with medical conditions related to menstrual problems, we place a strong emphasis on communicating with them and their families in caring and sensitive ways. And we work with each patient to find the best option based on their concerns and medical history.

Our age-appropriate evaluation and treatment for gynecologic conditions help our patients feel comfortable and safe. From addressing routine contraceptive needs to complex management of heavy menstrual periods and endometriosis, teens and young adults have given us their trust for decades and that is something that we value very highly.

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