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We care for patients’ growing muscles, joints and bones through sports medicine, surgery, rehabilitation and research.

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What is pediatric sports dietitian care?

Our registered pediatric sports dietitians help young athletes understand how to eat to improve their health and athletic performance. We assess each child’s health history and activity level to make recommendations based on their age and unique athletic needs.

We don’t just give out meal plans. We work with kids and families to make sure they understand their personal nutritional needs and show them how to meet those needs. From addressing micronutrient deficiencies to helping with specific injuries, we help young athletes and active kids reach their full potential.

Who do our sports dietitians treat?

We care for children and teens up to age 18 who are involved in sports and those who are active or starting to exercise more. If your child is interested in sports or exercise, we’re interested in helping them be the healthiest athlete they can be. We care for sports-related injuries and issues, including:

  • Micronutrient deficiencies like anemia or low vitamin D
  • Stress fractures
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Maximizing performance through timing and amount of nutrition
  • Amenorrhea in female athletes
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets for athletes
  • Healthy weight loss or gain for athletics
  • Sports supplement use
  • The female athlete triad
  • The male athlete triad — energy deficiency (not getting enough nutrition), poor bone health and reproductive suppression (low testosterone or sperm count)
  • Low bone mineral density
  • Diabetic athletes

What to expect from a visit with our pediatric sports dietitians

We’re here to understand the nutritional needs of your young athlete and give them tools to make good nutritional decisions every day. Before your first visit with us, we’ll collect your child’s medical history, a three-day log of their activity and what they eat, and a list of supplements they’re taking.

During your initial visit, we’ll discuss your child’s athletic goals and concerns. Our pediatric sports dietitian will then conduct a full assessment and discuss the results with you and your child.

We give an expert opinion on how you and your child can solve their nutritional challenges. We give young athletes the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their diet, enhance performance, address specific injuries and feel better while being active. They’ll leave their visit with us better knowing how and when to hydrate and eat so they can perform their best in whatever activity they choose.

What to expect after a visit with our pediatric sports dietitians

Your child’s follow-up care is tailored to their individual needs as they grow. Depending on your child’s injury, goals or concerns, care may include:

  • Additional visits with our sports dietitians
  • Phone calls or messaging with our sports dietitians
  • Consultations with our other sports medicine providers
  • Educational resources

If you have questions at any point about your child’s care or nutritional plan, please call our pediatric sports dietitians at 720-777-3899.

Why choose us for sports nutrition advice for children?

Your growing athlete needs specialized care for their unique needs. Many sports dietitians are not trained to work with young athletes and don’t understand the different nutritional needs of growing adolescents. Our team includes the only sports dietitians in the region who work only with kids. They know not only how to help fuel young athletes, but how to meet their specific mental health needs.

We understand that many young athletes are concerned they’ll be put on a strict diet or told not to eat some of their favorite foods. Our meal plans aren’t rigid, and no food is off-limits — we accept your child’s diet and find a way to make it work for their sport. Our goal is to help young athletes create a healthy relationship with food and get the fuel they need for their sport or activity.

Your child can attack their athletic activity with confidence knowing they have a nutrition plan tailored just for them.