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Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions from Head to Toe

In the background, a patient with long brown hair watches as a doctor holds a white plastic skeleton of the hips, which is shown clearly in the foreground. Best Children's Hospital by US News Orthopedics 2020-1 Badge

Our nationally renowned care team treats all types of pediatric orthopedic conditions, from common breaks and sprains and sports injuries, to complex spinal deformities and bone cancers. Whether you're a young athlete with a pain you can't explain, or a parent with a child whose "boo boo" you don't understand, this list of pediatric orthopedic conditions is a great place to start. And our team of orthopedic specialists at Children’s Hospital Colorado is here when you're ready for an expert to take a look.

Pediatric orthopedic conditions by body part

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Rare pediatric orthopedic conditions and injuries are likely not all listed on our website. Please call the Orthopedics Institute at 720-777-6600 for more information on a condition or to schedule an appointment.