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About the Sports Medicine Center

At the Sports Medicine Center, our pediatric sports medicine experts, including doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists, dietitians and other specialists, lead the region in state-of-the-art treatment for young athletes.

Our pediatric sports medicine services include:

  • Same-day or next-day appointments at locations throughout Colorado
  • Concussion diagnosis, guidance and return-to-play evaluations
  • Fracture management with same-day X-rays, splinting and casting for broken bones
  • A sports medicine physical therapy program with four Denver area and a Colorado Springs clinic specifically designed for strength, speed, agility and endurance training
  • Surgeons dually trained in pediatric orthopedic surgery and sports medicine
  • Consultations for sports-related challenges, including balanced nutrition, psychology, breathing and injury complications
  • Education sessions taught by certified athletic trainers for primary care providers, parents, athletic directors, coaches and athletic trainers
  • Sports nutrition consultations with a board-certified sports dietitian to help young athletes optimize their sports performance
  • Customized recovery plans to maximize our athletes' strengths and bring them back from injury faster, stronger and better than before.
  • A runner's clinic for young athletes
  • Opportunities for patients to participate in innovative research projects focused on understanding how well different treatments work for youth sports injuries

Why choose us for pediatric sports medicine?

Because we’re trained in children’s sports medicine, we recognize that an injury could impact growth. Similarly, we understand growth might impact rehabilitation. Careful evaluation of these factors helps us craft age-appropriate care plans for each athlete’s unique situation. We also collaborate with top specialists in areas like sports nutrition and sports psychology to help ensure athletes make a strong return to their sport.

Our Center offers pediatric-specific orthopedic resources, including X-ray equipment, MRI machines, operating rooms and sport therapy gyms. These resources, along with our same-day or next-day appointments, are a rare combination in our region. It’s what makes us a popular Colorado sports medicine center for young athletes.

We’re also renowned for the sports medicine research we conduct through our Center for Gait and Movement Analysis, including studies on how 3D motion capture can be used to help optimize sports performance.

This Center also helps us perform research and provide clinical services, including helping determine if young athletes are ready to return to their sport after ACL surgery though tactics such as:

  • Testing with special equipment to quantify knee strength in the injured and non-injured leg
  • Motion capture technology to perform 3D biomechanical analysis of an athlete’s functional movements from their return to sport physical therapy exam (such as squats, box jumps, run and cut, single leg hop, etc.)
  • 3D running analysis to identify any irregular running biomechanics

Who we treat at the Sports Medicine Center

Our Sports Medicine Center cares for young, growing athletes of all skill levels from nearly every sport. Learn more about the sports injuries we treat.

Contact the Sports Medicine Center

If needed, we can consult with parents and referring providers prior to a patient’s visit.

Most insurance companies cover specialty care visits for patients with concussions, but some require a referral from a primary care provider before sports medicine appointments are arranged.

For appointments at any of our locations in the Denver Metro area, call 720-777-3899.

For appointments at Outpatient Care at Briargate, Colorado Springs, call 719-305-9060.

Community partnerships

Members of our team also participate in various education and advocacy events. We offer community-based support by staffing certified athletic trainers at regional high schools and youth sports organizations. We also lead parent workshops and coaches' trainings that provide valuable sports education information to help improve safety across the state. Learn more about our community partnerships.

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Keeping you safe, wherever you are

We're here when you need us with the same safe, high-quality care we've always offered, even during the pandemic. Now, in many cases, you can get that care without even leaving home because we offer virtual visits across every one of our specialties.

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Get to know our pediatric experts.

Gregory Walker, MD

Gregory Walker, MD

Pediatrics, Sports Medicine

Emily Sweeney, MD

Emily Sweeney, MD

Pediatrics, Sports Medicine

Jay Albright, MD

Jay Albright, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

Aubrey Armento, MD

Aubrey Armento, MD

Pediatrics, Sports Medicine