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We are always looking for new and innovative ways to diagnose and treat pediatric conditions, so that we can provide the best care and outcomes for kids. In the medical field, collaboration in research and developing new treatment methods are essential to advancing our collective medical knowledge across the nation and around the world.

When we share a medical breakthrough, or someone shares their knowledge with us, everybody wins, especially our patients. We’ve created these pages, “For Healthcare Professionals,” to share what we’ve learned with colleagues throughout the medica profession. Our hope is that this information will help other pediatric experts diagnose or treat a condition at another hospital or in another part of the world.

Our Research and Innovation section provides information on the most recent research done by our doctors and surgeons on a range of topics. We are pioneering new treatments and procedures to that improve outcomes and shorten the time children spend in the hospital, all aimed at lessening the burden of childhood disease.

Charting Pediatrics is a weekly podcast that our specialists produce for pediatric healthcare providers around the US and the world. Each podcast examines the latest treatments for the most common complaints in pediatric medicine. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Pediatric surgery and specialty focus areas for healthcare professionals

The Department of Pediatric Surgery houses many different subspecialty areas of focus. We’ve split them into different sections here so it will be easier for you to find your own area of focus.

General surgery for healthcare professionals

Our surgery healthcare professional page provides research and articles on surgical treatments, new methods of diagnosing conditions and educational videos on innovations in the field.

Bariatric surgery for healthcare professionals

Our bariatric surgery healthcare professional page has valuable information on the surgical treatment of severe obesity, innovative research and educational videos.

Colorectal and urogenital surgery for healthcare professionals

Our colorectal and urogenital healthcare professionals page provides information on a range of topics from diagnosing anorectal malformations to bowel management methods. Our doctors are producing some of the leading research on colorectal care, sharing it in videos and even giving courses for other doctors and nurses on the surgical treatment of colorectal problems and Hirschsprung disease.

Fetal surgery for healthcare professionals

Our fetal surgery healthcare professionals page provides resources through educational videos and also provides information on how to refer a patient to the Colorado Fetal Care Center.

Trauma surgery for healthcare professionals

Our expert surgeons at the Pediatric Trauma Center share their experience and knowledge through a wide variety of educational outreach events and cutting-edge research.

It all starts with a Q:

For the latest cutting-edge research and innovative collaborations in pediatric surgery, read more in Q: Advances and Answers in Pediatric Health.

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