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Colorectal and Urogenital Care Research

Established by Alberto Peña, MD, the pioneer of the posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) – also known as the pull-through procedure – our team of colorectal and urogenital surgeons approach research with the optimum future of patients in mind.

Our International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care hosts the largest database of patients with congenital colorectal and urogenital conditions in the world. We are committed to advancing the field through continuous research on long-term follow up, surgical outcomes, prenatal diagnosis, reproductive and sexual function, as well as innovation.

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For the latest cutting-edge discoveries and innovative collaborations in colorectal and urogenital research, read more in Q: Advances and Answers in Pediatric Health.

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Colorectal and urogenital research advancements

By constantly sharing our research, we believe we can improve and advance colorectal care beyond the limits of our hospital and have a more significant impact on the health of children with congenital colorectal and urogenital conditions.

"Our database contains over 3,000 surgical repairs of colorectal and urogenital conditions. Having the largest database in the world offers a treasure and allows us to predict the functional prognosis of patients early in life as well as identify patients at risk."
Alberto Peña, MD

Colorectal professional education videos

In these short videos, our experts offer insights into the advanced treatments and specialized clinical care they provide at our hospital.

What our colorectal surgery research means for kids

With a focus on surgical reconstruction and long-term outcomes of children born with colorectal and urogenital congenital problems and associated malformations, we not only implement the most advanced treatment of these conditions, but we educate and collaborate with providers around the world. This ongoing collaboration helps to ensure every child can have the best functional prognosis and improved quality of life.

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